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Five Favorites Vol. 39


Well the Starbuck house is full this week! While my parents take Marisa to college (Ave Maria University), the rest of my siblings are staying with us. We went from three kids to seven in a matter of hours! Peter and James love having their aunts and uncles at their house. We are so excited for Marisa and this wonderful adventure she is beginning but we are still going to miss her A LOT. Yesterday morning when I came to pick the kids up I brought over donuts. That's how we deal with our feelings. We eat them.

While we are doing our best to stay busy, I thought I'd put together some of my favorites for this week.

1. Emily Ley


I discovered Emily Ley about a year ago. I absolutely love her products. So fresh, clean and simple. She designs them with the busy mom in mind which is perfect for me. The pages of her home base binder do everything from finances to meal planning. I'm really looking forward to her Simplified Life Planner (daily) which will be available soon! I also really like her evening journal, "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection." It is a great way to reflect on my day and basically do a giant brain dump. I sleep so much better if I've illegibly poured my heart and soul onto a piece of paper before bed.


About a month before we knew what we were having, my mom bought a few little girl things at a boutique in Scottsdale. It was a risk for sure but I felt really confident that it was girl. Now that we know, it's just so fun seeing cute girl things and knowing that I can actually get them. Last pink tutu on the rack? 6-9 months? $6? Done. I was picking up bigger shorts for James when it dawned on me that I could actually venture to the "girl side" of the store. Aria totally scored a "Little Sister" onesie that day.

3. The Object Enthusiast SONY DSC SONY DSC

One day as I went down the rabbit hole of bloggers on Instagram, I found this little shop on Etsy called "The Object Enthusiast". I was immediately drawn to all her work. The details were incredible and I couldn't get enough of the gold. I ordered one ring plate as a gift and I needed it by a certain date. She assured me it would get there in time. Then a few days before the event, I noticed it still hadn't shipped. I soon received a very apologetic message from the shop owner telling me she was overnighting it and that she was including a little something extra to make up for the delay. She included a second plate! So so sweet.

4. Arrow and Bark


Shocker. More headbands. I found Arrow and Bark a couple weeks back and was super excited about their pretty selection and great prices. These headbands are soft, snug and fit my big head. I can wear them with my hair down, up, in braid etc. I can't seem to stress enough how amazing headbands (especially these nice wide ones) are on the "didn't get to shower days". So you can add this to my ever growing list of headband love.

5. Bridal Showersphoto 1 photo 2 photo 3

My sweet friend Danielle is getting married in just a few months! Over the weekend I attended her bridal shower (styled by Brianna Rose Photography). It was so lovely! The colors and decorations were just perfect. If ever there was a party to capture who Danielle is...this was it.

Ok. The noise level in my house has now tripled. Time for more coffee.