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Five Favorites Vol.40


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Last week I mentioned that we had some of my siblings staying with us while my parents were out of town. We we had a great time! Then the stomach bug hit. So not only was I getting a taste of taking care of 7 kids (Aria included!) but I got to experience the plague with 7 kids as well! Not everyone was hit but Andrew was, and not having him to help me out was ROUGH. The night after the sickness hit, I made sure I was ready for whatever was headed my way. I was doing air kicks and punches to get myself pumped. All the kids slept on towels (for easy vomit clean up) and I lined up my go to cleaning products on the kitchen counter. Of course no one else got sick that night. Of course. The night I was prepared.... Isn't that always how it goes though?

While last week was hard, it was so worth it. I loved the time with my siblings and we created some fun memories together. It was also a good reminder that motherhood is in the little things too. I don't feel like super mom when I'm cleaning vomit off of the floors at 3 a.m. I feel like super mom when we have adventures and everyone is in bed by 8:00. But the truth of the matter is that being super mom is in the big things AND the little things. Like Momma T (Mother Theresa) said "Do small things with great love". Even though I want to hide under the table when one of my kids has a blowout diaper at a restaurant...I don't. I take a deep breath and do it with all the love I can muster. Motherhood is in the details...The small, lovely little details.

Here are my current Five Favorite things that help remind me to love the details.

1) Honest Bug Spray

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Poor Peter. He was a mosquito feast on Sunday. The monsoon season here in Tucson is wonderful but it sets up those little blood suckers pretty well. I picked up this bug spray from Honest Co. I've heard some good reviews about it so I'm really hoping it makes a difference! You can find this stuff at Target, Buy Buy Baby and online.

2) Thank You Cards

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Peter and James were blessed with many wonderful gifts on their birthday. Since they can't write out thank you notes yet....That job falls on me. I found these cute golden whale cards at Target. Once the boys are old enough to write out their own cards they can pick their own cards. In the meantime? Mommy picks :) ALL THE GOLD!

3) Magnet Letters

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I love seeing Peter's world open up before him. I love seeing him "read" books by himself, "counting" his toys, and even doing his best to pray the rosary with me. I got him these wooden magnet letters to play with on the fridge. I can't wait of the day when it all finally clicks and I start seeing his words on the refrigerator! These are from the Melissa and Doug toy company.

4) Baby Wipes

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Earlier I mentioned a blow-out diaper at the restaurant... Really wish these were around then! Huggies now makes this cute little wipes clutch. Genius! Just wrap around the wrist and suddenly you're actually able to wrestle your baby onto the changing station! Also those changing stations are so small. Now I can hang the wipes from the purse hook in the stall and I can avoid the constant juggle of wipes, clean diaper, dirty diaper and sanity. You can pretty much find these wherever wipes are sold! Thanks Huggies.

5) "Pork chops and Applesauce!"

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Ok no pork chops but applesauce for sure. Sometimes getting the boys to eat something is like the hardest thing in the world. That's why I love these little applesauce packets. Both Peter and James will down these guys in seconds and I'll instantly feel like a halfway decent mom. Fruit! I'll take it! Most grocery stores carry these little guys.

Well that's it folks! Go do small things with great love!