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Chorizo Tacos With Mango Salsa



Another recipe born from a random pregnancy craving... Normally chorizo is served at breakfast but I found myself really craving it one evening. I have a lot of fond memories of chorizo. Growing up we would stay at my grandma's house overnight and then always wake up to the smell of coffee and sizzling chorizo.

In order to satisfy my craving, I thought really hard about what I could do to make it more of a "dinner". Then the chorizo tacos with mango salsa was born! I went to my local butcher (which you should totally do too... much better than the meat at the market) and asked for a pound of chorizo. You can usually make/buy chicken, beef, or pork chorizo. Beef is my personal choice but I know my grandmother usually does a mix of beef and pork. I realize that this is really more of a thing in the Southwest. Not sure if butchers in other parts of the country are going to have chorizo.... However, there a lot of good recipes online for you to consult. I'd share my grandma's recipe but it's kind of a family secret.... So yeah. Sorry you're out of luck there.

After I had my chorizo I picked out things for my mango salsa. Chorizo is a little spicy and very salty so I wanted to have something sweet to pair along side it.


For the salsa this is what I used:

~1 Mango

~ 2 Roma Tomatos

~2 cups of chopped green onions

~1 cup of fresh cilantro

~Salt and garlic powder to taste

I chopped up all my ingredients and mixed them together. You can use more or less of any ingredient. This recipe makes enough for about 12 tacos with about a cup to spare. You can also get creative with ways to kick up the spice. This version is pretty mild but that's how I wanted it to be along side the chorizo.


I put the salsa in the fridge to chill and then I cooked up my chorizo. Oh the smell! Simply heavenly. You brown chorizo basically the same way you would ground beef or turkey. Once the chorizo is done you're basically ready to plate.


For constructing the tacos I had soft flour tortillas, cheese, and fresh avocado. On each tortilla I would put a little chorizo, followed by the cheese, then the avocado slices, and finally the salsa. The only thing missing was a cold Corona with a lime. But ya know. I'm pregnant. So that essential ingredient was left out.



This recipe is now in my meal rotation. It satisfied my pregnancy craving perfectly. I made 12 tacos in all and I still had about half of my chorizo left (totally ate it with eggs the next morning). All in all this recipe makes about a dozen tacos. I'm also looking forward to experimenting with this recipe a little. Some of my family has dietary restrictions that would make it impossible for them to eat this meal. So I want to try chicken chorizo with a mango salsa that has cucumbers instead of tomatoes (is that even still salsa?). If you give this recipe a try let me know how it goes!


Tutorial on the tissue flowers coming soon!