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Dream Night Abroad


When I was in college I had a hard time deciding what to major in. I couldn't decide between English Lit. and Classics. So like most things in my life, instead of choosing one I chose both. I loved Classics. I loved studying Greek and Latin and the beautiful ancient cultures they were married to. The Classics department at the UofA also had some amazing study abroad programs. Unfortunately because of swimming I never had the chance to participate in any of them. At the time it didn't bother me at all. However, once swimming was over and I was a 5th year senior sitting in my capstone class, I found myself wishing I'd had the chance to travel with my peers. I really enjoyed hearing the stories from my professor and my fellow classmates about their trip the previous summer. There was lots of learning involved (obviously) but they also had some wild adventures to share. Listening to their stories was always the best part of class and I always found myself wishing for a chance to have similar adventures.


That's why when Smartling, a website translator, asked me to help with their "Night Abroad" project I was super excited. For my imaginary trip I chose Athens, Greece (since that's where the study abroad program took place). When traveling abroad there are a few things to consider such as language, food, and fashion. Unfortunately the amount of Greek I studied was pretty limited and most of it was in an academic sense (like translating super old writings) instead of actual conversational Greek. However, before a trip to Athens, I'd make sure to learn a few key phrases and definitely consult one of my good friends who is actually Greek! I'd also ask her what are some "must have" foods while over there. My Greek meal of choice is usually a massive gyro topped with tomatoes and lots of tzatziki sauce. So while I would certainly order one while in Athens, I'd like to think that I'd be adventurous enough to step out of my culinary comfort zone. While spending time in another country it's easy to get intimidated by all the new food choices. Also, if I wasn't pregnant, I'd make sure to try Ouzo, an anise flavored liquor. This came up a lot in the stories of my classmates and professor, so obviously I'd have to give it a try! I would also make sure to do a little wine tasting too. One of our class projects was an actual taste-testing of some Greek wines. I know.... rough life!

Finally, I'd have to consider what to wear for my dream night abroad. I'm pretty sure that no matter what I was wearing, I'd be labeled as a tourist. However, I'd still do my best to fit in with my wardrobe. Once again, choosing "just one" isn't my strong suit, so I came up with an outfit for the day and then one for the evening. My day time look was comfy sandals, a maxi skirt and a maternity tee. Since this is pretty much my go-to outfit most days, I decided to mix prints to add a little something special.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCShirt//Old Navy (similar), Skirt//Forever 21 (similar), Shoes//White Mountain (similar)

For my evening outfit I chose a summery dress that left lots of room for my baby bump. The last thing I would want would to be exploring a different culture and be uncomfortable. I added some low-heeled yellow strapy sandals to dress up the look a little.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCDress//Thrifted (similar), Shoes//DSW(similar), Earrings//Target (similar)

I hope that some day I really do get the chance to visit Greece and for hopefully more than just one day!

If you could go anywhere for just one night where would it be?