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Five Favorites Vol. 41


So my "wish list" for baby Aria seems to grow everyday. Most of what she needs we already have and I have no doubt that come December her drawers will be full of adorable clothing. However, that hasn't stopped me from starting a list of little things I'd like her to have but she doesn't necessarily need. Look, I have to take advantage of the fact that as a baby she will be powerless to stop me from dressing her up and putting headbands on her cute little head. I have about a year before she's rolling in the mud with her brothers and wants absolutely nothing to do with anything pink or sparkly. It's just a simple fact. My mom was the third child born and she had two older brothers. You better believe she destroyed 90% of her pretty dresses by playing football in the front yard with my uncles and grandpa. So I'm pretty much preparing myself for the same set up. Anyway... here are my Five Favorite items on my err her wish list right now.

Five Favorites

1. How adorable are these crocheted crowns from Henny & Coco? Why would Aria need one? I have no idea but she would look adorable in one and that's all that matters. Follow Henny & Coco on Instagram!

2. I feel bad because I didn't really do much for a"nursery" for Peter or James. I mean they had all the basics but I didn't decorate it special or anything. But for Aria I want ALL THE DECORATING. I'm currently working on a flower wall for over her crib but I'd also love a gold glitter sign for Little Dovie for over her crib as well. Follow Little Dovie on Instagram!

3. These little moccasins seem to be all the rage in the baby/toddler world. Obviously Aria isn't going to actually need shoes for a while, but it would be nice to snag a pair for her first few months of life while it's still a little chilly outside. What color you ask? Gold of course. These little mocs are from Wild Explorers. If you follow her on Instagram she'll keep you posted on new colors and designs.

4. I've been interested in essential oils for quite some time now. I just have no idea where to start. I also don't want to get caught up in spending a lot of money on oils I end up not using... However, I'd love to get some for the end of my pregnancy and then give certain ones a try once Aria is born. I started following Casey Leigh essentials on Instagram and she has great tips and ideas!

5. I'm kinda obsessed with everything from Sugar Plum Lane boutique. Blankets, burp cloths, leggings etc. If I could, I'd buy one of everything. But alas, I cannot. So I just settle for putting down the entire store on my wish list. Also their Instagram account is adorable and will keep you updated on sales and giveaways!

Well those are my Five Favorites! Have a wonderful day friends!