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Fall Favorites



Let's try this again!

Bringing you some of my current fall favorites today! Just a few things that help distract me from the seemingly never ending third trimester. It's like Peter and James know I'm getting bigger and slower. They find the tiniest spaces and corners to hide in because they know I can't fit! I'm like living in maternity leggings and I don't even care. Don't even care. I also eat everything. Like everything. Last night I sat down with a tub of Cool Whip and a spoon. Anywhooo. Way to get sidetracked! Ok, fall, favorites, here we go!

1) Flannel Scarves


Soooo far, I've only been able to wear my scarves in the morning, evening, and in well air conditioned rooms, because you know...Arizona. But seriously so comfy and cozy. I found an oversized scarf at target and an infinity scarf on Etsy that are my current favorites. You can find them here and here.

2) Pumpkin Bread


When I was growing up I always knew we were getting into cooler temps when my mom started making her pumpkin bread. Now, I get to pass the tradition on to my little family! Peter and James love it. Also, Andrew isn't much of a "sweets" person but even he gets excited when I make a fresh batch.

3) Fall Lipstick


Still enjoying my classic reds but I am also super in love with Maybeline's new matte lip colors. Right now I'm loving Daringly Nude and Touch of Spice.

4) Scrapbooks/Art Journals


Trying to get back into scrapbooking/art journaling these days. You know, keep those creative juices flowing and what not (laughed at myself as I typed that) Found this set of stamps in the dollar section at Target next to all the glitter pumpkins and Frozen coloring books. Having way too much fun with them. Won't be long before my to-do list is stamped out. Just kidding that would take years.

5) Fake LeavesSONY DSC

I realize that this last one is kinda pathetic but again...Arizona, whatareyougoingtodo? Peter and I used some to make a leaf collage and I have project I'm working on that needs a lot of pretty (fake and super plastic) leaves. Exciting stuff.

What are some of your favorite things for fall? Pretty sure I'm missing some Anthropologie candles. And with that, I'm going go eat all the candy and leave none for anyone else ok bye!!!!!