DIY Pennant Banner

A little over a month ago my best friend finally got engaged! All the excitement!!! Once the lovely couple managed to catch their breath, it was time to plan an engagement party. My friend Annie (of anniecdote) and myself had a couple weeks to put something together. Thankfully Annie is amazing so it was actually quite easy. I took on a few decoration jobs for the party.

I ventured into the dark abyss that is my craft supply "area" and looked at my options. I finally decided on a couple pennant banners for the event. For these banners I used hemp rope, gold spray paint (of course), wrapping paper, poster board, and a glue gun.


Here's what I did...

1) I stenciled out a triangle on some poster board and that became my main triangle for tracing.

2) I traced out a ton of triangles onto some poster board and then cut them out.

3) Half of them I spray painted gold and the other half I set aside.

4) With my main triangle I traced out more triangles (I feel like I am saying triangle WAY too much and now it sounds funny in my head) on the back side of some wrapping paper.

5) Then I cut out my wrapping paper triangles and pasted them onto the other half of my poster board triangles.

6) Then I laid out the amount of hemp string I needed (I made each one a different size) and used my glue gun to attach the pennants.


The cutting and pasting took  the longest. I did that over a few days but you could easily sit down and crank this project out in an hour or so (assuming you don't have toddlers attached to your legs!)

The final product turned out pretty well. Annie added some words to one of the banners and it was just the special touch it needed!


IMG_2466 IMG_2463

I added a few other things to the decor but it was really Annie who was the hostess with the mostess.


I put together a scrapbook of the couple for the guests to sign and write well wishes.

IMG_2464 IMG_2465


Left to right, Annie, myself, and Emma the bride! And epic photobomb by Brandy.

The possibilities for this type of banner are endless! So many spray paint colors and wrapping paper patterns to choose from! You can make these banners to fit the color scheme of any party. Or you could use them as holiday decor, a nursery, or child's room, or just for fun somewhere in your house. If you decide to make one, tag me on Instagram so I can see!