Family Life

College Care Packages


For college I stayed in town. It was an easy choice to make. I had one of the nations best swim program's in my backyard (University of Arizona). I remember my freshman year I went home almost every weekend for home-cooked meals and laundry washing. It was awesome. My parents took really good care of me (as usual). It was the best of both worlds, I was able to get my "college experience" and still enjoy time at home.

My brother and sister on the other hand did not stay in town for college. No, both my brother Thomas and my sister Marisa, left little old Tucson for Ave Maria University in Florida (about an hour outside of Naples). While they both absolutely love it out there, I wanted to make sure I sent them them some big sister love with a couple of care packages.


For Marisa, I basically sent her some stuff that I know I would've loved getting in the mail. Marisa and I are so similar it's scary. I included some sour gummy bears, dried fruit, make-up wipes, deliciously smelling soap, a new scarf, a little notebook and some coffee (of course!). My husband Andrew added one of his shirts from Mantled Catholic Clothing and her package was complete! I mean what else could a college kid ask for? This package was warm and fuzzy all over.


For my brother Thomas I tried to include some of his favorite things. He's a huge carmel fan so that's why he got the lollipops and popcorn. Also, guys always need new socks. Thomas is no exception. In fact, my little brother has always had a bit of an obsession with socks. He's almost never barefoot. When we were little I used to torture him by tackling him the ground and pulling his socks off. I'm such a good big sis. Anyway.... I threw in some hot coco (because I think Florida gets a little cold?) and some trail mix. Andrew also added one of his Mantled shirts to the mix as well.

Oh and Peter and James contributed some lovely drawings to their Aunt and Uncle as well. I think that was actually the best part. I want to do a couple smaller packages that are more like a "Finals Survival Kit". What are some things I should include? What did you enjoy getting in college and what helped you get through finals? Let me know because I need some ideas!