Bump Style//Graphic Tee

Pregnancy style comes in stages. There is the initial stage where you can get away with wearing regular clothes. Then you enter the stage where you wear maternity clothes and it all looks super cute with your bump. Then there is the stage where it doesn't look as cute. Finally you hit the stage where almost noting fits, not even the maternity clothes. Guess what stage I'm in? Ding ding!!! You guessed it! The last stage and I are pretty cozy. I have a circulation of the same few maternity pieces that still fit. Even though it's a little annoying, it means that baby is almost here!

Before I was in the "constantly pulling my pants up and my shirt down" stage I loved wearing a stretchy pencil skirt with a graphic t-shirt. As you can see...These pictures are from a couple months back but I still wanted to share one of my favorite looks.


I love this shirt because I really feel like I'm always "hustlin" if you will. Chasing after two toddlers is no joke. I also love a good stretchy pencil skirt! No zippers or buttons. It's easy to dress up or down. I felt like this outfit deserved some extra color so I added some cherry red flats. And then my lips!


Shirt//Mulberry Press Co, Skirt//Inspired By Tess, Shoes//Brickyard Buffalo

I look at these pictures and I can't believe how much my baby Aria has grown in just a couple of months! What are some of your favorite go to maternity/non-maternity pieces for pregnancy?