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Irish Twin Diaries

Over the weekend I was playing around with a post about surviving two kids under two. Then I realized that it was probably time for an Irish Twins update! The boys are growing so fast. It is amazing to see their personalities blossom and their minds really begin to take in the world around them. Now the tantrums and teething I could do without but you don't get joy without suffering am I right?


~Peter is now old enough to get really excited when toy catalogues come in the mail. He loves to look at all the pages and he can even tell me the things he wants by pointing at certain items and doing a little dance with his feet.

~James also enjoys the toy catalogues that come in the mail. Tearing them to shreds is his absolute favorite.


~James is definitely in full on toddler mode. He has come to the conclusion that being a toddler is very hard work.

~Peter seems to wake up every morning with at least two new words in his arsenal. It is so much fun seeing him learn to communicate with us!

IMG_2953 IMG_2954

~A year ago Peter was obsessed with his "Daniel Tiger" hoodie. Now the torch has been passed. James loves the tiger sweatshirt and often requests to wear it as soon as he's awake.

~Peter and James recently went with me to a couple ultrasounds for the baby. Now Peter likes to find a toy that resembles the ultrasound wand (?) and listens to Aria's heartbeat. He even makes the sounds of the beating heart.


~Everything and anything can become a toy with these two.


~James love to cheese it up for the camera.

IMG_2963 IMG_2964

~ We found this awesome race car cart at the grocery and it was literally the best day of their lives. Even if the steering wheel was missing on James' side. It was also realllllyyyy hard to maneuver. When I'm trying to get labor going all I know is that I need to push this cart around to get things going.

~James has been teething for like a month now. All four molars decided to come at the same time. And finally the fourth little bottom tooth broke through too. It's been a real blast....

~Peter is currently in a train phase. My parents saved the wooden track that my brothers used to play with. Peter will just sit for hours building the track and playing with the "choo choos". Well at least until Babyzilla (James) decides to get in on the action.

IMG_2966 IMG_2967

~Both boys still like to toss back the occasional bottle of milk. They will be very popular in college.

~When we go to stores with Christmas stuff up (already) Peter losses his mind. He points and yells saying "Tree! Treeeee!"

~Homeschooling is still going well. We are up to the letter F. When Peter sees a sign with words he just starts saying random letters "O! P! E! A!" We haven't even done O or P yet so......


~On Thursday nights we help Andrew teach the confirmation class. James takes his responsibility very seriously.

~Peter is getting really good with his legos. He brought this to me the other day and said "Boat!"


~I've been doing my best to do little things here and there to get ready for Aria's arrival like stocking up on newborn diapers. One day the boys were in their room and they were being just a little too quiet. Turns out they wanted to organize Aria's diapers for me.

IMG_2968 IMG_2970

~The also enjoyed taking the diapers onto the tile and rolling in them and making "diaper angels"....or something like that.

~Peter is becoming more and more independent everyday and he is also starting to fill his "big brother" role. He is becoming very protective of James and will push him out of the way of he's getting into something he shouldn't.

There are a lot of changes headed the Starbucks way. When I start to get nervous about labor and delivery, I just picture that blissful moment when all the doctors and nurses have left the room, the pain (for the most part) is over, Andrew is holding our new baby, and Peter and James get to meet their little sister for the very first time....My little dynamic duo will then be the Three Musketeers.