3 DIY Anthropologie Inspired Necklaces

I remember the first time I walked into Anthropologie.... I was like "Wow. This store is...Me!". I immediately fell in love with everything I laid my eyes on. These are confessions of a true shopaholic my friends. So even though I could picture myself in every single dress, drinking from every single cup and smelling every single candle....My wallet? Could not. Then once I was married and Andrew discovered the price tags that so innocently hung from those beautiful frocks and dishes. I was quickly "forbidden" from Anthropologie. Thankfully Andrew will allow me to visit and window shop which I greatly appreciate. I am always inspired by things that I see gracing the displays.

One thing I saw there recently was their necklace display. I loved the earthiness, mixed metal, multiple layer style of several pieces. When I looked at the price tag I wasn't surprised to see that each of the necklaces I was looking at neared the $80 mark. Yikes. So then I quickly left before the shopaholic in me could convince my logical side that I needed that necklace. Then, inspired by my friend Kate who often says "I could make that." when she sees something she likes, I decided that I could do the same.

I could make that!

So I rummaged around in my jewelry/rosary making supplies, grabbed a few random items, and then ordered a handful of other pieces from House of Gems. Then I got to work...

For the price of one necklace at Anthro I was able to make three! The supply list for this DIY is pretty open. You just need to pick the type of chain you want and the beads. Then make sure you have the jump rings, headpins, and clasps to match the chain. Oh! And needle nose pliers. Make sure your pliers have the ability to cut the chain/headpins.

Before getting started, practice putting beads on the head pin and making and eye closer. That's the biggest skill to have when making necklaces like this.

First trim off the extra part of the headpin.


Then you'll grab the base with your pliers and bend it to the right.


Grab the tip of headpin with the pliers and roll your wrist (with the hand holding the pliers) to make a circle (or eye shape). Then pinch (gently!) with pliers for closer.


Done! Ok so here is what I came up with....

1) Copper Clementine


I loved working with those vintage head pins!!



2) Silver Stunner


A little simpler and softer. This necklace could be layered with others if you're looking for a little more depth.


3) Moonstone Magic


I fell in love with those purple moonstones as soon as I saw them!


I wanted the moonstones to hang a little looser so I made some rough rings out of leftover headpins.


Putting together this DIY was so much fun. It felt really good to jump into my jewelry kit again. If you decide to make an Anthro inspired necklace make sure you share a pic on Instagram and tag me! I know jewelry making can be a little intimidating so feel free to comment with any questions you may have!



This post was sponsored by House of Gems. All opinions and ideas are my own <3