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3rd Trimester Favorites

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Things have been a little crazy around here as you can imagine. However, we still managed to have a lovely holiday and we all seem to be adjusting fairly well to the new little person in our family. More on that soon... Promise!

This particular post was supposed to go out the day I had the baby. But alas... I had a baby, so it never posted. So even though little Aria is already here, I wanted to make sure that I posted this anyway. For all you mommies in the home stretch, I hope this helps! These are the things that helped get me through the last few months. Most of them I used (and still use) on a daily basis so you know it's worth a try. So keep in mind this written about three weeks ago, hence why I still refer to myself as pregnant :)


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Ok so first up...

~Mens Deodorant.

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Yup you read right. Getting real here. I have always been a big sweater. Eww gross yeah yeah sorry sorry. I think it just comes with the territory of being an athlete and it never really goes away. I've noticed in my third trimester that this problem only increases. So I switch over to men's deodorant. No shame. No shame at all. This particular kind doesn't smell super manly either, just fresh and clean.

~ Rose Petal Spray

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This one might seem a little much but it's seriously amazing. After chasing toddlers around for several hours, cleaning the house, and running errands I'm a serious mess. An overheated sweaty mess. So I usually take some time in the middle of the day to just refresh. I love this spray because it smells just like roses and it feels so good! It's a body spray (middle school flash backs anyone?) but I use it mainly on my face, neck and arms. You could just as easily fill up a spray bottle and stick it in the fridge (maybe add some EOs if you got them) when you need a little refreshing mist but I'm a huge fan of roses so that's why I use this stuff.

~ Essential Oils

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Or as Andrew likes to call them "Hippy Witchcraft". He's just teasing of course. I think. Andrew doesn't mind the EO's as long as it means he gets to use them for the occasional back massage. Husbands amIright?! Anyway, for the third trimester I've been trying to stay more calm and relaxed. Being pregnant and taking care of two toddlers has sadly left me with little patience and lots of stress. So besides asking Jesus to give me the grace I need for each moment of everyday, I do a combination of peppermint, lavender, and frankincense during those tough hours. I just put a few drops in my hands and then rub it on my neck and chest. It really does help a lot. If you're interested in EO's let me know and I can put you in touch with my friend Candyce!

~ Rosebud Salve

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I use this one more as I get closer to delivering. Nursing makes your lips dry up super fast so I try to stay on top of my game a few weeks in advance. After brushing my teeth at night I use a little bit of this stuff and it soaks in while I sleep. I blogged about this salve in my first trimester post but that's ok because it really is just that awesome. And again... Roses!

~ Heating Pack

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This is such a serious MUST in the third trimester. My lower back is usually pretty done by the end of the day. Picking up toys, holding the boys, nesting etc. all takes it's toll. So when Peter and James are finally in bed, I heat this pad up, stick it behind my back and put my feet up. It's pretty amazing. I feel so much more recovered in the mornings after I've used this as opposed to the nights I forget.

~ Face Mask

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Pregnancy does all kinds of crazy stuff to my face. I get brown spots pretty bad and my skin ends up usually looking like its been through a tough fight. I use this caffeine mask every 3 weeks or so during my third trimester as a "pick me up" for my face. It's all natural and you can mix it with anything creamy like milk or yogurt. I usually mix it with coconut oil and apply to my face about 10 minutes before I jump in the shower. When it's all rinsed off, my skin looks and feels way better. Then I make myself a cup of coffee before I start trying to lick it off my face.

~Nail polish/Pedicure

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So now we start to get a little more into the "treat yo' self" category. Since I can't see my toes, my wonderful husband willingly paints my nails when I'm getting close to delivering. I pick out a new color and let the artist go to work. He actually finds it very frustrating, he says he needs a smaller brush in order to be more precise and then I just laugh at my perfectionist artist husband. Pedicures are also really nice in your third trimester (but closer to delivering is best, something about pressure points inducing labor?). In fact my mother in law is treating me to one this morning. Which probably means I'll be in labor before it can happen. ***Side note...I firmly believe I went into labor because I scheduled something for the next day!***

~Lush Soaps

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A good relaxing shower is a MUST in the third trimester. So as a special treat I get some of my favorite soaps from LUSH. I love that they are all natural and use essential oils. And they look pretty too. The other day Andrew asked me why there was "a piece of cake" in the shower. (It was actually the soap. I may be super pregnant but not THAT pregnant.)

~ Wrenn Jewelry.

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I've had my eye on Wrenn jewelry for a while now. So recently, as a "push present" to myself, I snagged a couple new rings. I'm pretty much obsessed with them. When they arrived in the mail I kept them in their box and carried them around in my sweat pants pocket for the rest of the day. I was basically a toddler with a shiny object. May or may not have had a Gollum moment. #myprecious

Well that's all I got! As usual, feel free to comment and share some of your favorite items for the third trimester. Now we'll return to our regularly scheduled baby waiting ;)


As we all know she's here now and sleeping peacefully by my side as I write this up. I'll be posting her birth story within the next week or so!