The following guest post is from my friend Patty who blogs over at A Modern Grace. Patty is a youth minister and is currently finishing up grad school. Patty has a big heart for God, a great love for her Catholic faith, and a good sense of humor. You can find more awesome posts like this (plus a ton of other fun stuff) in her little niche of the internet. Enjoy!



The most dangerous prayer to pray is "anything"... Jesus, I want to do anything You ask of me. I will do anything You ask of me.

As a child my parents taught me how to pray. I could Our Father and Hail Mary it up backwards and forwards. As I got older learned that prayer is friendship with God and a way to talk to Him as a close friend. Prayer became more about spending time with God than just reciting memorized words. And while the beauty of repetitive prayers has a place in my faith, in recent years I have found myself starting to pray in a more dangerous way.

There have been many different situations in my life, some beautiful and some very painful, that have taught me more about surrender than I ever could have dreamed. Some of these things have included: which job to take, discerning between religious life and marriage, whom to date and marry, close people in my life struggling greatly, going back to school for a Master's degree, etc. I have to come to see time and time again, that when I try to live my life my own way it never works. I am left feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious. I always grew up hearing that God's will brings true peace and happiness; it brings fulfillment that no dreams we wished for could ever match up. Through a lot of trial and error, I am slowly learning to pray "anything". I am slowly realizing the power in telling Jesus I want to do anything He asks of me.

Last winter, I went on an overnight retreat with some women from church. Saturday morning we watched a talk on surrender. In it, the priest made reference to an old prayer written by Charles de Foucauld. This prayer of abandonment has really become the most dangerous prayer I have ever prayed. Abandoning yourself into the hands of God is crying out to the Lord from the depths of your soul, "Lord give me courage and strength to do anything You ask of me!"

Sometimes it is scary and uncertain to pray "anything". When we pray anything, everything changes. We are not our own master anymore, we lay everything down. We surrender, give up. When we give up we have nothing of our own any longer to cling to, and we are left with only Jesus to hold.

In uncertainties, sorrows, joy, beauty, and pain--Lord I thank You...I am ready for all...I accept all. Let only Your will be done in me.