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Hospital Bag Check List


I remember that with Peter I had my hospital bag packed when I was 34 weeks along. Early? Oh for sure. Then with James I packed it at 35 weeks but only because a week earlier I was in triage trying to get labor to stop. With Aria, I can honestly say that it snuck up on me. Right around 37 weeks I was all packed.


With Peter I totally over did it. There was way too many things that didn't even make it out of the bag. With James it was a little bit better (see it here) and then with Aria I think I got it just right. Here is a list of the items I took with me.

~Two nursing gowns. (Found at Motherhood Maternity)

~A light robe.

~Pajama shorts.

~Comfy t-shirt.

~Slippers and socks.

~Clothes to leave the hospital in.

~Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

~Face wash and moisturizer.


~New Mama Spray (found at Target too).


~Essential Oils (doterra: Lavender, Holiday Joy and Clary Calm).


~Hairbrush and hair ties.

~Cozy blanket. (Because hospital blankets are itchy.)

~My Nook and a magazine.

~Heating pad.

~Camera (Even though we used our phones for most of the pics)

~Two baby blankets.

~Clothes to bring baby home in.

~Extra diapers and wipes.

~Snacks i.e. trail mix, granola bars.

Now since every pregnant lady is different, I designed (with the help of my husband) a free printable checklist that you can download here ---> HospitalBagChecklist

hospitalbagchecklistThere is plenty of space to make that initial list and then add as you go! This is a great printable no matter what kid you're on. First, third, seventh.... doesn't matter! A pretty way to organize is always helpful.

I hope this list helps you mommas out there getting ready to welcome your little one into the world!