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Blessed Is She//Photo Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen my pictures for the Blessed Is She photo challenge. One of my goals for this year is to get better at my photography. Photo challenges are great for that because they get you out of your Instagram comfort zone. I have a lot of typical Instagram pictures, food, babies, selfies, flowers, blog post pics etc. But this challenge is opening my eyes to so many other beautiful things to capture. I recently read an article about the importance of capturing the little things of everyday life, especially as a stay at home mom. When I take a picture of Peter playing, I try to get his surroundings in the frame too. It's these little things of his early childhood that I'll want him to be able and look back on. Or when I take pictures of Aria, instead of zooming in right away, I try to capture what's closest to her, like the toy cars her brothers give her "to play with". Obviously taking pictures on my phone is the easiest and most accessible, however I'm trying to be much better about taking pictures (other than blog photos) with our actual camera. The iPhone is great but our camera takes better quality photos and it allows me to capture images in a more heartfelt way. When I take a picture with our camera I can't "share it" right away. That gives me time to hold the moment in my heart and see if it is something that should or shouldn't be up on social media. I realize that I share A LOT of our lives on social media (and here) but believe it or not, there are certain sweet moments (and hard moments) that I keep within our family. This is super challenging for this Instagram obsessed girl but it is a good practice in just simply "living in the moment", which is basically my whole approach to motherhood and life.

Blessed Is She is such a beautiful ministry and I encourage you to hop over to their site and check it out. And if you're on the Instagrams you should jump in on the challenge (use the #projectblessed)! You'll be surprised by how much fun it is. I've also discovered some AMAZING accounts that I never would have seen otherwise. There is so much beauty to be capture in the day to day moments and this challenge reminds you of that!

Day 1 Resolutions


"Sick baby means finally jumping into some of my Christmas presents and working on my goals for 2015. The biggest one? Focusing on purpose instead of perfection."

Day 2 Written Word

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"This is the family bible from when I was growing up. Thankful for the faith my parents so lovingly gave to me."

Day 3 Song


"Time stands still for just a few moments when I'm singing her to sleep."

Day 4 My Saint

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"St. Joan of Arc...In the 7th grade I read Mark Twain's 'Joan of Arc' and she instantly became a favorite."

Day 5 Daily Bread

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"As of now? Lactation cookies for breakfast. And many times throughout the day."

Day 6 Morning Glory

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"I love the morning light that comes in while we eat breakfast. Almost makes me forget the giant food mess under the highchairs."

Day 7 Daily Routine

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"Birthday present from my parents. As a SAHM I'm much more productive (and happier) if I've gotten dressed and put on a little makeup."

Day 8 In the Clouds

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Day 9 Memories

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"Running in the rain. Peter was around 6 months old and I was about 8 weeks along with James."

Day 10 I believe

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"I believe that motherhood should be celebrated and supported. Thankful for friends like Kate who will come over and bring delicious snacks to eat while the kids run around screaming."

Day 11 Home


"A nice Sunday morning at home with my girl. But it didn't last long because now we are scrambling to get to Mass!"

Day 12 Joy


"This little lady was up until midnight last night. But she is still my joy (as it is with all my kids!)."

See you over on Instagram for Day 13!