What I Wore Sunday & Turkey Bacon


Anyone else already missing the weekend? Our Monday is off to a bit of a rough start. I've got quite the mountain of laundry haunting my dreams and there have already been a few toddler meltdowns. Also, if I step on one more goldfish or cheerio I'm going to scream! So right now I'm drinking a second cup of coffee and trying to collect myself. It's amazing how thrown off the day gets when I don't get up early (or at least before the boys.) When I get up early, get ready, drink my coffee and enjoy some "quite time" the rest of the day goes fairly smoothly. But when I sleep in? Chaos. However, one thing I'm learning with 3 kids, is that when we get a little "off" it's ok. Sometimes I get anxious when our schedule is thrown off or when I look around the house and it looks like a tornado hit. So I'm trying to be better about taking deep breaths (drinking more coffee) and being patient with myself (and the kids). Thankfully we had a great weekend and I was able to somewhat recharge for the brand new week.

On Sunday we woke up unfortunately early thanks to the toddlers. I made breakfast which was nice except for the fact that Andrew had accidentally picked up turkey bacon instead of real bacon. I know I know...the horror. I'd like to tell you it wasn't that bad. But it was. However the fact that he had gone shopping so I wouldn't have to, far outweighed his error. Once we had recovered from the bacon debacle we went to Mass. We came in a few minutes late and picked a pew next to the choir. The boys were pretty well behaved but certainly made their fair share of noise. After Mass a little old lady from the choir informed us that the church does in fact have a cry room, to which my husband replied, "Oh we know but we like to make sure the are present and exposed to the liturgy". She proceeded not to hear that and said the boys made it hard for her to hear the priest. I did my best to control my rage. I mean it was a little old lady for crying out loud, but still. When people have a hard time with kids in church I just want to stand up and yell "Hey! Matthew 19:14!!" *mic drop*. Anyway...We didn't let her spoil the day (I mean if you can get past turkey bacon you can make it past anything.) We then ventured over to the Mercado San Agustin. We had a really nice time exploring the different shops and eats located in the Mercado. It is definitely a good post-church place to go. Finally, while pushing a stroller, holding an infant, and tangled up in one of my baby-wearing wraps, my wonderful husband took my What I Wore Sunday pictures.


Skirt//LuLaRoe, Shirt//& Apparel, Shoes//Forever 21




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