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Five Favorites


It's been a while since I've done a Five Favorites post! Recently, Wednesdays have become my "prep day" for the rest of the week. I catch up on housework, grading (for MODG), meal planning and homeschool stuff. Ideally I would do this stuff on Sunday but sometimes the weekend is just so busy I don't get around to it. However, today I have a little bit of extra time (which I have no idea how it happened but I'm not going to question it) so I thought I'd put together some recent favorites.


1) Mobile Charger


Probably a sign that I'm on my phone wayyyyy too much but I am loving this charger back up for my phone. You can find this one and several other colors at Ban.do. When I have a day filled with student phone calls, I don't have to worry about my phone dying. In our house we ditched the home phone and only do mobile. So being available on my iPhone is important.

2) Anthropologie Candle


These candles will always be a favorite. I got this one from my friend Jen for Christmas. She knows me all too well. #anthroforlife.... Ahem. It is the only candle that will actually fill the entire house with its smell. Plus, my home smells like Anthropologie which can only mean wonderful things.

3) Flower Crowns


I made this crown a few weekends back and was pretty pleased with the results. It had been a while since I made one. I "think" I'm going to open my etsy shop back up in the spring with a new line of crowns. That's what I HOPE to do. We'll see if the littles actually let me.

4) Calendars

Fun Calendar

My husband thinks calendars are a bit of wasted space considering we have them right there in our phones. But once again, you can see how different we are. I love having a calendar to look at. I can plan and think about upcoming events much better with an actual physical calendar in front of me. Plus I'm less likely to forget something important! I found this one as a special deal on Brickyard Buffalo (can you tell I'm a huge fan of that site?!)

5) Happy Mail

happy mail

Speaking of old fashioned things like "writing" and stuff. Here is my favorite current (and only!) subscription, Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess. I am loving all the fun cards and paper goods sent out each month. Now I just need some people to get sick and/or married so I can use them! Just kidding. Don't get sick. I mean you can get married but don't get sick just because I want to send you an awesome card. Yeah. Don't do it........

Anyway! These are my favorites for this week! Peter and James are suddenly dangerously quiet so I'm going to go see what they're destroying. Stop by Call Her Happy for more favorites!

More coffee pleeeeeease!