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Lipstick of the Week//Harlot


Harlot? Scandalous! No worries, just the name of the lipstick! As it turns out, this is a pretty fun lip color and it isn't a lipstick but a "lip tar". I was a little skeptical when it came to putting something on my lips with "tar" in the name but I decided to give it a try anyway.


So it comes in a little zippered bag with a tiny brush. All you need is just a little dot on the brush and you're set. I was worried that it would be thick and gooey. However it was the exact opposite. It went on really light and felt just like regular lipstick after a few minutes. I like this one because it still gives you a little bit of shine without being super glossy.

Downsides to this product? Touch ups are a little tough. You can't just whip out the tube, your brush and a compact (or your phone in selfie mode) mirror gracefully. Well maybe someone out there can but that someone is not me. When I want to reapply my lip tar I have to go to the bathroom and do it. Also I noticed that after a while that dreadful "ring" shows up around my lips. You know the one that comes with a little wear on your lipstick, like after eating and stuff? Yeah just a little bit. That little ring is hard to come back from. Even if you were to wipe it all off and start again, your skin will be red from the rubbing. Real life problems here people! Anyway....


Despite the struggle to do a sneaky touch up or the unwelcome presence of a lipstick ring, I still really like this product overall. It lasts about3-4 hours before you might start to think about freshening it up a little bit.  I just really love how light weight it is and how I forget that I'm even wearing any color on my lips. Also, I really do like this color. I'm partial to the deeper reds but fire engine red can be fun too.

Here is what the color looks like in real life:


You can find this lip tar in this color (Harlot) at Sephora. The packaging and logo has changed a bit but I promise it's the same stuff. There is also a primer you can get to put on before the tar. I don't have this, I just a use a little bit of chap tick before applying and that seems to work just fine. Price wise it's more $$ (Last weeks's post was just $ if that helps) but I think it's worth it!

Well that's it people. Have a great weekend!