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Five Ideas For Valentines Day On A Budget

Valentines Day can add up pretty fast. The fancy dinner, champagne, chocolate, new clothes, presents etc. While there is nothing wrong with that stuff, sometimes it can be tough to swing financially. Andrew and I are really trying to be better with our money so we have to get creative with our date nights. Here are five ideas for a Valentines date that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

See how excited we are for this?!


1) Chocolate and Window Shopping

Andrew and I have always enjoyed browsing stores and making our "someday" wish list. One thing you can do this Valentines day is find an outdoor mall and walk around. Visit the stores, look inside the windows, and make your "someday" list. You could even stop for coffee or hot chocolate to sip on while you make your list. It's pretty romantic to plan for the future with the one you love, even if it is just by pointing out which gravy bowl you like best. Or in the case of my husband, the giant Storm Tropper for the living room.

2) Movie and a Picnic

If you have kids then grab a sitter or just wait until they are down for the night. Find a movie you both have never seen before. Redbox or Netflix is always good for that. Or you could always ask your friends to raid their movie collection to see if there is anything you guys want to see. Then find a cozy blanket, make popcorn, open a bottle of wine, or you could even cook a full on dinner! Then enjoy your food while enjoying a new movie. It's good to pick a movie you've both never seen so that you're both invested in your time together. Nothing like bonding over a terrible movie you can make fun of the whole time.

3) Bookworms

When I first met Andrew I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was a fellow bookworm. One thing we enjoy doing is going to a bookstore and browsing the shelves together. It's even better when it's a used book store. You never know what you'll find! It's also a good way to get to know the other person better. You each get to visit the other's favorite section. Andrew get's to hear all about my love for 19th century British Lit and I get to hear all about fantasy sci-fy land.

4) Breakfast in Bed...Sorta

Have someone watch the kids the night of Feb 13th (if possible). Then in the morning you and your love can make breakfast together! No screaming or fighting over pancakes (unless you and your spouse are really passionate about pancakes) just the two of you making food and then you can bring it back to bed. Or eat on an actual table. Whichever. I personally have never seen the appeal of breakfast in bed. Cup of coffee in bed? Sure. But breakfast? Messy messy messy. Anyway I really like this idea because when Andrew and I were dating we would cook food together. Or more like I would cook and he would "help". The point is that we got to spend time together just talking and enjoying each others company. I also think that it would be a perfect time for a dance party in the kitchen. Ya know, if you're into that kind of fun stuff.

5) Love letters.

This one involves a little bit of prep work. A few days in advance, agree that you will both write a love letter to each other. Some significant others may need a few gentle reminders to get it done.... So give your partner plenty of time! Then on Valentines day drive to a place that holds some significance for you both as a couple. For example, on our first real date, we went hiking. So for this date night, Andrew and I would drive to the base of the mountain and then exchange our letters. I would suggest getting out of the car to read them. After reading the letters (mushy weepy tears and all that jazz) turn on "your song". You know the one you danced to at your wedding or one that just has special significance. You can use the car speakers and just have the windows down or play it on your phone, whatever floats your boat. And then? You dance. A nice slow dance. I think this might be my favorite just because it forces you to slow down and remember how you first fell in love.