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Lipstick of the Week//Orchid Petal



Happy Friday everyone! The kids and I just got back from the grocery store and I am happy to report that we all made it out alive! Now we will have cookies for lunch to celebrate. Just kidding. Maybe. Not really.

Anyway... We've had a pretty good week overall. I managed to get all three kids to sleep by myself twice this week. *cheers and applause* thank you thank you thank you. It almost cost me my sanity but I did it. We are so ready for the weekend to say the least. But first! LOTW!

For those of you not really into the bright pinks or deep reds, this color is for you. It's a super soft color with just a hint of sparkle and shine. Plus it's also a balm so your lips get a little hydration as well.


This is Pixi tinted brilliance balm in "Orchid Petal" in real life. I actually just picked this one up on sale the other day at Target. I grabbed it because I'm trying to find a good Leslie Knope pink. I think this one comes pretty close!

Pink Lips <3

I also really like that it comes in a pencil like form. Helps me stay in the lines.

So if pastels and softer colors are more of your jam, give this lipstick a try!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!