Weekend Notes

It's just after lunch and we've already had two diaper explosions, one chaotic trip to Best Buy, and one Mr. James who made it rain Goldfish all over the living room. So you could say Monday is off to a pretty good start. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at the kitchen table with all my various calendars, planners, and notebooks desperately trying to map out this week's events. We have so much going on my head is spinning. I woke up at 1:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep because my to-do list was running in my mind like the opening of Star Wars.

"A not so long time ago, in a Starbuck house not so far away... It is a period of toddler terror. Peter and James have begun to slowly unravel the mind of their already crazy mother."

Shall I continue? Perhaps another time.

Thankfully we had a very restful weekend to help us recharge for this week. On Saturday, Andrew and his brother helped clean our backyard so that the boys can actually play outside. The rest of the day was spent just relaxing and enjoying some family time. At one point I ran to the store for food because James isn't even a teenager yet but he already eats us out of house and home. While I was out a popped into a baby used clothing store to look for some winter jackets (more on why later). I don't know who the patron saint of thrifting is but they totally had my back. I found the boys both jackets for $6 each. After my exhilarating thrifting find, I made my way home and we settled in for the evening.

On Sunday I woke up and made pancakes before church.


They were delicious but they were also a major contributing factor in why we were late for church. Sad day. Anyway, after mass we came home and ate lunch (so exciting isn't it?!) and then Andrew went out to go get a new phone. When Andrew came home he not only had a new phone but surprised me with an iPad mini. That guy....He is something special.

Pink and gold

That's why I made the crazy decision to take three kids Best Buy so I could snag a case. Finally after that lovely surprise we went over to my parents for dinner. The boys were throughly exhausted and everyone slept amazing, Aria included!

For the next few days we'll be getting ready for a trip to Williams AZ (hence the jackets) where my husband will be the MC at a youth retreat for the Diocese of Phoenix. It's really nice that we all get to go and won't have to be apart for the weekend.

So before I sign off, I wanted to share my What I Wore Sunday pictures. Make sure you visit Fine Linen and Purple and check out some other blogs you've never seen before!



Shirt//Target, Skirt//LuLaRoe, Shoes//Kohls, Earrings//Nickel&Suede, Necklace//The Jones Market


Have a great Monday friends!