Five Favorites



Time for another Five Favorites! Our crazy week is going strong but I think we are keeping up pretty well. Last night I attended the second Make It Happen meet up here in Tucson. This meet up is such a great group of women and I am so thankful that my introverted self took the leap of faith to start going to them. This morning we are taking the boys to get their hair cuts (prayers please) and then off to Target to stock up on some good road trip snacks. So before we head out the door...Here are some things I'm loving right now!


1) Wide Brimmed Hat... Found this hat on sale at Target a couple weeks back and snatched it up. I had been looking for a wide (but not too wide) brimmed hat for a while. It has a nice Anthrolpologie look but without the giant price tag.

2) Instax Camera... I've had my eye on this little camera for quite some time. Finally pulled the trigger and got this little guy off of amazon. Already we've been having so much fun with it. The boys love seeing their picture slowly appear while they wait!

3) The Jones Market... One day while I was going down the rabbit hole that is Instagram and I found The Jones Market. I love how the necklaces are stylish yet child friendly. James gave this one a real good tug on Sunday and I didn't even flinch. Love the stretchy material! Baby/Toddler proof is like a zillion points in my book.

4) Bobbi Brown To-Go... Over the weekend my mom gave me this adorable little Bobbi Brown box of goodies. It comes with a tiny mascara and a little lip palette. It's already tucked inside the baby's bag in between diapers and wipes just waiting for me to need it.

5) Thryve Magazine... Another Instagram find. I found Thryve Magazine and immediately fell in love with their feed and inspiring messages. They sold out of their last two issues but the digital copy was still available. So with the new little present from my husband, I downloaded the two most recent issues. SO SO amazing and uplifting. It's like the articles know me. Or more like God knows my heart and he knows what I need to read/hear at this point in my life.

So that's that! Now I'm off to bribe my boys with sugar in hopes that they won't scream during their haircut.

More coffee anyone?