Breakfast Toast//Two Ways


I'm a foodie. When I was little I used to do a happy dance in my highchair when I knew my food was coming. I used to own Easter brunch every year by putting down at least three plates of food. Sometimes four. Part of that was probably because I was swimming year round but still. I would dream about that brunch all through lent every single year. Today, I love finding new little restaurants to try and explore. Bonus points if it's good AND I want Instagram it. Funny enough though, as a mom I often find myself forgetting to eat. I know, stunning. I had never missed a meal in my life until I became a mother. You just get so caught up in the whirlwind of making sure your kids are fed and they're not killing each other, that you forget to feed yourself! Then at like 2:00 my stomach is like "What the HECK?! RAGE!". And at that point I usually grab a handful of trail mix or Wheat Thins and call it even. Of course, this is no way to take care of myself. If I want to keep up with my kids I obviously have to have the energy for it. So with that said, I've been trying to get creative with some quick and easy meal options for myself that don't take a ton of prep.

First things first. Breakfast. Starting with the first meal of the day, here are two different ways to do toast.

1) Ricotta cheese, strawberries, and honey.



Spread about a spoonful of ricotta cheese on a slice of toast, add sliced strawberries, and then drizzle some honey. Done!

2) Ricotta cheese, sea-salt, rosemary, and tomatoes.


Mix the rosemary and sea-salt into the ricotta cheese. I did about a teaspoon of salt and lots of rosemary because I love it.


Then spread onto toast and add sliced tomatoes!


And these toast combinations aren't just for breakfast either! I will occasionally eat them for lunch too. Enjoy!