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Lipstick Of The Week//Cappuccino


It's that time again! Lipstick of the Week. I am seriously loving this blog series. I get to put my current obsession to good use. Just a couple weeks ago a reader (and friend) told me that she was using one of the products I showcased and loves it. Yay! Looking for your perfect color? We will find it together!

Sadly however, today's lipstick of choice is NOT a favorite. I know, I know, sad day.


This brand actually came in an ipsy subscription box. I recently canceled the subscription because I started to panic at the amount of make up I was accumulating. I hate wasting make up and I didn't want to pay for things I wasn't going to use.

Ok so the reasons I'm not a fan. First of all, I wasn't crazy about the color. I liked that it was neutral and subtle enough to pair with bright colors but I felt like it just washed out my lips. Maybe I needed to use it with some liner? I don't know but the color is just not my thing.  Second, not only does it smell like a crayon, it felt like a crayon. No joke. Putting it on felt like rubbing a crayon on my lips. How do I know that you ask? That's a story for another day. BUT here is my little disclaimer. Since Arizona is hot as heck, I think it's entirely possible this lipstick melted during the mail route and that's why putting it on felt so weird. Why do I say this? Because the reviews for this color/brand (City Color Cosmetics//Cappuccino) are outstanding! Just click here and read how people are gushing about this lipstick. So yeah I just don't get it. I'm willing to try another color just to test my theory (and because the price is pretty good too $4.99) but I'd have to be able to buy it in a store, not online and run the risk of it melting again.

This is the color in real life. I'm running out face to make guys. This is a problem.


No that's not gray hair. I just didn't rub the dry shampoo in well enough. Mom life yo.


With that said, the quest continues! If you're looking for all the LOTW posts in one place simply go to the "Style" tab and go down to "Mom Uniform", that's where they're all categorized.

Have a great weekend friends!