Pancetta Pasta In 20 Minutes


If you're a mom you know that in certain situations, time is of the essence. For us, there is little time for a dinner that takes hours to make. I mainly stick to meals that are cooking all day in the slow-cooker or only take 20-30 minutes to put together. When you have toddlers hanging on your legs and a baby strapped to your chest, you don't have a lot of time to make something gourmet.

Recently I whipped up a pasta meal in 20 minutes that everyone loved including the toddlers. And if you have a toddler you know what a big deal that it.


Ok so here are the ingredients....


~ one bunch of asparagus

~ 2 cups of shredded parmesan cheese

~whole wheat pasta

~ one stick of butter

~one small carton of heavy whipping cream

~two cups of diced pancetta (you can usually find this in your deli section)


1) First, get the pot with water on the stove and wait for it to start boiling.

2) Get a sauté pan also on the stove and turn it to medium heat. Once it's warm enough, cook the pancetta. This will take around 5 minutes and the pancetta will become darker in color.

3) While the pancetta is cooking, cut up your asparagus into approximately one inch pieces or so.

4) Around this time the water should be boiling. Add your pasta and cook for the recommended time on the package.

5) While the pasta cooks, add the asparagus to the pancetta. When the asparagus is cooked (I like my asparagus with a little crunch so I don't sauté it for too long) add the stick of butter. Melt the butter down and then add the whipping cream.

6) After you've added the cream, add the two cups of parmesan cheese, stir everything together and then place the lid on the pan (still on medium heat at this time).

7) By this time the pasta should be done. Drain and return to the pasta to the pot.

8) Peek on your pancetta and asparagus. If the cheese has melted and the texture creamy then you're done. Turn off the heat and pour it over the past in the pot. Then stir it all up.

And that's it!


Add some more parmesan when serving.


Done! Dinner in 20 minutes! It's possible that it may take a little longer if you decided to only do one thing at a time. The 20 minutes are a result of multitasking. If that's not your cooking style then feel free to slow it down. This dish goes great with a glass of white wine too. Enjoy!