Five Favorites


Here in Tucson, spring is making an appearance. The mornings are cool and crisp and the afternoons sunny and breezy. I'm trying to soak up this amazing weather because in about a month we'll be hitting 100 degrees. No even kidding a little bit. The kids and I are spending lots of time outside and enjoying walks around the neighborhood (when we can manage it). I love putting away all my winter clothes (used them for like a month) and pulling out all the bright colors and patterns that I had tucked away. This time of year is just so lovely. There is something in air that promises good memories and a little adventure. Cheesy? Oh for sure. But it's true!

Here are some of my favorite things going into spring!


1) Black and White... Black and white stripes are a great way to transition from winter to spring. I like pairing them with pastels and little hints of gold. I'm on the hunt for powder blue high heels so if you know of any send the link my way! I'd love to wear this black and white tunic with jeans and some pretty spring heels.

2) Bright colors...These pink heels are from H&M a few years back but I just love the splash of color they bring to any outfit. Like I said above, I love adding in more colors to my wardrobe when spring rolls around. Still love my comfy neutrals but these shoes help shake things up a bit. I think bright colors can also help those of you still stuck with the winter blues (I remember what it's like. I've got Indiana winters still fresh in my memory). Wearing something with lots of color can lift the spirits and make you hopeful for spring.


3) A new wine... Lately I've been partial to a delicious Malbec but when I saw this bottle at the store I decided to branch out. I'll admit, I originally grabbed it because of the hipster glasses on the front. Then I later realized that this wine is named after the show Portlandia. Pretty cool huh? I've never seen it but I feel like now I have to. Anyway, it's a really good wine. It has a very rich berry/cherry flavor with hints of tobacco.

4) Fresh flowers.... This one is a repeat favorite for sure but I don't care. Whole Foods started carrying these little mini bouquets that fit perfectly into a mason jar and I'm OBSESSED. Love love love.


5) Wrenn Jewelry....It's no secret that I love pretty much everything that Wrenn Jewelry puts out there. Currently loving this geode necklace. I usually wear it with a loose fitted tee shirt or tunic.

6)**Bonus!** Hand lotion.... My hands get so beat up. I think it just comes with being a mom. There is a callous developing on my right thumb from all the diaper changes. No joke. This lotion from Mitchell and Peach is amazing. It feels and smells really good. I got this little sample in an Ipsy box.


Those are my current favorites! Make sure you stop by Call Her Happy to see more favorites. She's also hosting a pretty sweet new mommy giveaway that you should check out. Hope you have a wonderful day!