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Weekend Notes

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had some fun adventures but also spent a good amount of time trying to fight this sickness that just won't leave us alone! Poor Andrew was the last man standing and he finally got hit. Just when I thought we were all done! That's just how it goes I guess. The family that gets sick together, keeps getting sick together. Isn't that how the saying goes?

Anyway, besides cleansing the house of the illness we had some good times over the weekend too. On Saturday Andrew went to Phoenix for a mens conference so it was just me and the kids. I woke up in a surprisingly good mood and started the day off with some selfie practice with Aria.

Baby Love.

That last one is my favorite. Then we were out the door and on our way to a rummage sale to do some, well, rummaging! But first. Donuts.


The rummage sale was to help raise money for my sister's (and several other teens) trip to a leadership conference this coming summer. It was a little hard to concentrate on my treasure hunting because the sun was starting to heat up and I forgot a hat for Aria so I was suddenly worried about her head and that was all I could think about. Plus the boys kept trying to wiggle out of the stroller straps and make a break for it. Even still I found a couple of vintage books and a pretty jewelry plate.


After the rummage sale we went to the mall and finished our Easter shopping. My mom told me that it's important to get that out of the way early so that you can better participate in Holy Week (the week before Easter). I did the same thing last year and it made a huge difference. After we finished shopping it was back to my parents house. The boys played until they passed out (literally) and we enjoyed a nice dinner with my family.

On Sunday, it was apparent that Andrew was out for the count. We made it to church, had a quick lunch with some friends, stopped at the store for fresh flowers for the week, and then headed home. Andrew curled up on the couch and I enjoyed some wine, a little reading, and Sherlock reruns to end the day.

Somewhere in all of that I managed to get the week planned out as well. We have so many events, meetings, and appointments coming up, that it would be all to easy to miss something. That's why I'm loving this planner link-up with For Love of Cupcakes and a Tootsie Roll! It helps keep me accountable!


Blog plans.

Weekly Game Plan

Biggest thing for today?


And now the drier is buzzing to get my attention. So off I go to fold some clothes *shudder* and continue my efforts to get rid of  ALL THE GERMS floating around.

Have a great week friends!