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Mom Uniform// Coffee Donuts Repeat


I really look forward to the weekend for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is getting out of the house. It should come as no surprise that with three kids under three, I do my best to stay recluse. So on the weekends I enjoy leaving the house and wearing some normal clothes. One of my current go-to clothing items is the graphic t-shirt. More specifically a gray graphic t-shirt. Ordinarily I pair it with jeans but lately I've been trying to mix it up a little. A few weeks ago I paired my favorite Coffee Donuts Repeat t-shirt with a flowy pleated skirt and kaboom! Done. Five of my favorite things in one outfit....

~graphic t-shirt (use code SNOWDAY to get 10% off everything in her shop today!)

~maxi skirt (similar)

~big earrings

~headband (similar)

~ and a reference to donuts and coffee.

Coffee Donuts Repeat

Coffee Donuts Repeat

Coffee Donuts Repeat

Got these shoes at Target for $11! Winning!!

Summer Shoes- Target

It was Pi day when I took these pictures. Andrew made me take a picture with the pie to "keep things relevant". He's a funny guy that one.

Happy Pi Day!

Out and about running errands!


It should be noted that whenever I have an outfit on that I love, Aria will promptly spit up on it. So there's that too. Oh Mom Life <3