Weekend Notes//Palm Sunday

Another Monday morning and another cup of coffee. Though the weekend was fun it left me feeling a little bit winded. I'm just getting over a sinus infection so everything is still a bit fuzzy. I'm also still in mourning over the loss of my beloved UofA Wildcats. There is nothing like that March Madness hangover. However, still so proud of my Wildcats and even more proud to call UofA my alma mater. I mean there's always next year right?

Saturday morning started out slow. The boys were happy to have Andrew home and quite frankly so was I. We enjoyed a light breakfast and then we went to the First Communion of my cousin Marcus

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It was a lovely Mass and it was so cute to see all the first communicants in their dresses and suits. I know in a blink of an eye it will be little Peter all dressed for his big day. Afterwards my grandmother, mother and I snapped this picture. Four generations!

Four Generations

Following the First Communion we all went out for brunch. Then it was time for the big game. UofA vs. Wisconsin. Sports have always been a big deal in my family. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of all of us gathered around the television screaming for our favorite team. The same thing could be found at my parents house on Saturday. Unfortunately, Wisconsin was just not to be stopped and our beloved Wildcats were sent home with Final Four dreams dashed. While the loss sank in, we went and spent some time in the backyard. It was funny to see how Peter and James had no idea what we going on. They had no clue why we were screaming at the t.v. but they were just happy it was over and to be outside.


This brings us to Sunday. Woke up to this little cutie...


I got up early for church and made myself some coffee and enjoyed a few moments of quiet before everyone woke up.


 The plan was to hopefully make it to the palm procession at our church. Usually our parish doesn't do one but this year was going to be the first! Now, I LOVE all things Holy Week. All the traditions of the Church are just so beautiful and Palm Sunday has some of my favorites. But of course, life with kids means that things were most certainly not going to play out as I had planned. As hard as we tried we still missed the beginning of the procession but we were able to catch them coming into the church which was really wonderful. The choir came in signing loudly followed by the congregation and all their palm branches.

However, the warm fuzzy feeling from the procession quickly passed as I realized palm branches and toddlers do not mix. I spent most of Mass trying to make sure that Peter and James weren't poking the people in front/behind us or slapping Andrew and I in the face. Then if they weren't doing that, they were busy taking out all the hymnals, and making it rain donation envelopes. Plus Aria was just in a cranky mood, making sure everyone knew it, and nothing I did seemed to calm her down. It was one of those days where I positive someone was going to say something nasty about the boys behavior but thankfully no one did.



Those. Thighs. *heart eye emoji*



They are cute though right?


After mass we decided to start a new family tradition. Palm Sunday calls for In-N-Out Burger. Because....

// //

Palm trees yo.


Then we stopped at the park in our neighborhood to enjoy our new tradition.



Why yes, I am in fact wearing a different shirt than the picture from earlier. Why did I change? Baby spit up. Approximately 2.5 seconds before we were supposed to leave the house.

Peter and James started to play Grand Theft Auto by trying to steal some poor little kid's car.

Grand Theft Auto

It starts young I guess.

Sunday afternoon/evening was spent relaxing and planning out the week. I really want Holy Week to be special this year (click here for my free printables for Holy Week!). So as a family we've decided to do a few things differently, like no t.v. except for religious movies like Veggie Tales, Price of Egypt, The Robe, The Ten Commandments etc. There will be a lot more silence and reading this week too. I'm also taking time to really clean the house for Easter. Each day I've assigned myself a cleaning job that will hopefully *fingers crossed* get done. It's really easy to start celebrating Easter during Holy Week. We get caught up in the decorating and the pretty Easter eggs at the store. But this is a week of spiritual preparation.We aren't at the finish line yet. Which is why in our family, any Easter decorating is saved until Holy Saturday (fresh flowers, new prints, etc). I've also decided on a social media/blog blackout from Thursday evening until Sunday morning. Feel free to join me! I'm doing this in hope of being more "present" during the Triduum. I want to give myself plenty of time to dive deeper into the passion of Christ. Here are my plans all written out. Linking up with For Love of Cupcakes and a Tootsie Roll again!

planners Planners planners

Here's to a wonderful Holy Week!