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Last week I just didn't get around to the LOTW. I had most of the post all prepped and ready to go but it just didn't happen. I also won't be posting one this Friday (Good Friday) so I decided to post today! Yay! Now your Tuesday got just a little bit happier. What? No? Well I guess that's just me.

Yesterday I was cleaning the house and I put on a retro headband and my (current) favorite red lipstick. This shade by Revlon has been a go-to for almost two months now. I LOVE it. It smells heavenly and it goes on so smooth. It also has some pretty incredible staying power. After three hours of vigorous cleaning it was still on! The only thing I don't like about it is that it's rounded instead of pointed. I like the pointed lipstick because it helps me "color inside the lines" if you will. A rounded end makes me a little less...precise. However, I still manage (most of the time) to avoid looking like The Joker so that's a win I guess. You can find this lipstick at most drugstores as well as Target and Ulta. It's also very reasonably priced (around $9). Totally worth it.

So this is Revlon's HD series in Poinsettia. I think this is the one with Emma Stone in the commercial? Yes? Maybe?

Revlon Poinsettia

Almost make-up free selfies. Besides the lipstick and leftover mascara from the day before. Real life my friends...real life.

Revlon Poinsettia

Morning Essentials

If you're looking for a new lip color for Easter, just check under "Mom Uniform" for all my LOTW posts!

Have a great Tuesday friends!