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Lipstick of the Week//Schiap


You guys. The kids are sick AGAIN. Thankfully it's just a head cold and nothing worse. But seriously, their chapped nose just healed from all the tissue wiping from last time. *sigh*. And since last time Aria was sick she ended up with a double ear infection, I made an appointment with the doctor today. Better to have her checked so if she does have an ear infection we can get the meds going into the weekend. I was also looking forward dinner with friends tonight as well as a big vintage/handmade festival tomorrow but with the sickies, it's just not gonna happen. Thus is mom life right? Or just life in general I guess. Roll with the punches....

Anyway! Here is the Lipstick of the Week. This was my color for Easter. You may have seen this lipstick in many an Instagram pic. I know I have and that's pretty much how/why I tracked down the color to try for myself. It's worth all the Instagram hype. This lipstick by Nars (color: Schiap) goes on smooth and lasts for a long time. I first put it on around 9:45 (before church) and didn't have to retouch until 2:30 or so. It also smells amazing. PLUS I was able to give Andrew several smooches with minimal residue.



Lipstick of the Week//Nars-Schiap

I need some new faces....

Flat Lay

This lipstick is a little pricier than what you'll find at the drugstore. But you get what you pay for you know? This lipstick has rich color, it's infused with vitamin E, and it lasts a long time. So if you're looking for a color for a special event or a lipstick to invest in, Nars is a good brand to try. I am so glad I found this color and will be using it a lot this spring!

Happy Friday! Unlike us...try to stay healthy!