Five Favorites



Just popping in this Wednesday to share with you some of my favorite things at the moment! Life is just one big swirling blob of insanity and my house is an absolute disaster thanks to the masterminds (aka toddlers). I've also read the first sentence of this blog post at least 100 time to make sure it says "popping" instead of "pooping". That's just where my brain is at right now and I've come to terms with it. This weekend is the spring retreat for my husband's youth group and I'm helping. In hindsight it was probably too much for me to take on. I love youth ministry and I want to stay involved but it's just not realistic. So after this retreat I'll pretty much be turning it down all the way. After that, the following weekend is the big regalia I'm in charge of. This event is my baby, my brain child, and the cause of most of my current stress. It's a dinner/silent auction/live auction to help raise money for the youth programs at our church. This year's theme is the roaring twenties. This event means so much to me and it's so close to my heart but it's a lot of hard work. While the results are always worth it, it leaves me so wiped and exhausted.

So really we just need to get through the next week and half. Then we have a weekend to recover and then it's on to Florida!! I'm dreaming of rhythmic waves, sandy toes, and the smell of sunscreen mixed with salty air. Plus seeing my little bro graduate. That will be pretty cool too. He was actually just nominated for the President's Award for his university. It's basically the highest honor you can get. It recognizes his "academic accomplishments, involvement in the life of the university, service to others, and exemplification of AMU's highest Catholic ideals". Good stuff. I'm so proud of him.

Anyway....This post is already way longer than I had intended. So here are my Five Favorite things for this week.

1) Lara Casey Power Sheets


My power sheets came in the mail a few days ago and I am so excited to fill them out! I started on these pages a year ago and they have helped me so much. They help me keep my priorities straight as well as realize the goals and dreams that I have for myself. Thanks to these power sheets I've also met some wonderful people. I highly recommend these if you're a goal oriented person. Or even if you're not and you want to actually figure out what it is God is calling you to do. The power sheets came with this little postcard. I've taken these words to heart this past year and I am so excited to see what the next year brings. "You know all those things you've always wanted to do?  You should go do them."

2) Nunuco Design Phone Case

Iphone 5 case

I got this little phone case just for spring. I've been obsessed with tulips lately. They've always been my dad's favorite flower and they are quickly becoming one of mine!

3) Harney&Sons Earl Grey

Harney&Sons- Earl Grey

I love a cup of earl grey in the afternoons (or iced coffee, it just depends). While you could most certainly accuse me of buying this tea only for the gorgeous tin (you wouldn't be totally off base) this actually is one of my favorite brands of tea. It's so smooth yet filled with a lovely bold flavor.

4) Instax Wireless Printer

Instax wireless printer

So this was definitely a bit of a splurge. However it has become such a staple in our house! Andrew and I can print pictures straight from our phones. The fridge now has up to date pictures! Plus, we are taking this printer on retreat this weekend so we can take pictures of the teens for their affirmation bags. Then the other CORE members will be able to print pictures they take on their iphones through out the weekend. I think it's going to be a big hit. The best part is that the printer creates it's own wifi. So even though we'll be in the middle of nowhere, we can still print pictures.

5) Oh Joy

Oh Joy

I was so excited for this book! Not only does it have amazing project ideas but it also teaches you little lessons in color and design as you go along. I am so excited to start some of these DIYs!

Well that's all I have for today! Visit Call Her Happy for more favorite things!