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Mom Uniform//The Softest T-Shirt You Will Ever Meet


Loose fit gray t-shirt

Currently drowning in laundry and packing (for the retreat this weekend) so obviously it's a good time to sit down and blog.


A little writing always clears my mind and helps me focus. Even if it's just writing about another favorite outfit. Sometimes I wish I was more of the "yoga pants" mom. But I'm just not. I think after years of dressing like an athlete day after day, it left me wishing to look "normal". I mean in college I went to class in athletic apparel almost everyday. Sure some of it's "Hey look at me I'm a student athlete" but most of it was just being down right lazy. What was the point of dressing in nice clothes when you have two practices in one day and you have to wake up the next morning just to do it all again? So currently, workout clothes are for just that, working out. Which unfortunately means that they aren't being worn as often as I'd like. However, my goal is to still wear pieces that are comfortable and allow me to chase after two toddlers.

Recently I've been on the hunt for comfy t-shirts. I look for tees that are soft, loose, and long. I like having a shirt that hides my fupa, is easy for nursing, and doesn't reveal anything when I lift my arms up. So I was so excited when I found this shirt from ModCloth. I ordered the black one, then liked it so much I ordered a few other colors. I wear at least one of them every week. I paired the gray shirt with jeans, leopard loretta sneakers, and a long necklace. Oh and red lips of course.

loose fit gray t-shirt

loose fit gray t-shirt

Loretta sneakers

Shoes// Target (Similar), Shirt//ModCloth, Necklace//Love's Affect

What are your favorite brands for a comfy tee shirt?