Five Favorites//Bathroom Counter


I'm the type of person who can't keep the bathroom counter clean to save my life. Andrew gets so frustrated with me because I'll use my blow-dryer or makeup and just leave it all out on the counter. I have the hardest time just simply putting things away when I'm done. Ain't nobody got time for that. Well at least I don't.

Mom Essentials

For today's Five Favorites I picked several things that are always, without a doubt, on my bathroom counter.

1) Jergens Natural Glow Lotion

Tanning lotion

I'm pretty much as white as they come. Even though I'm half Mexican, I got my skin color from my Michigander father. I know it's super vain but I kinda don't want to be so transparent when we go to Florida. So thanks to the recommendation from my sister and Real Simple magazine, I decided to give this lotion a go. I'm noticing a difference, however, my husband begs to differ.

2) Hibiscus and Apple Cleanser

Mom Essentials

About a month ago at Target I was rushing through the store because all three kids were off their rocker. I needed face wash, so I snatched this off of the display without even stopping the cart. I got super lucky because as it turns out, I love this stuff! It smells amazing, it's gentle, and I feel like my face gets really clean.

3) Deodorant

Mom Essentials

I have no shame in admitting that I use/need mens deodorant. Thankfully this very much "bro" line of Old Spice smells soft enough for me to pull off without completely smelling like a dude. I'd also take smelling like a dude over sweaty pits any day. You're welcome for that bit of information. Anyway this stuff keeps up with my day to day mom sweat and for that I am thankful.

4) Daisy

Mom Essentials

I just realized you can see my reflection in the cap! Anyway! When I picked out my wedding perfume (Euphoria by Calvin Klein) I was given a few samples, one being Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I used that entire little sample up. Then for Christmas this year I finally asked for some as a present. So this is my current scent. It's so fresh and clean!

5) MAC Fix+

Mom Essentials

I use this spray after applying my makeup or later in the day when I need to freshen up. It's a cooling mist that helps keep your face in place. Like for serious. It smells delicious and I love using it to cool off when I'm a hot sweaty mom mess.

So there you have it. Five items that I always have out on my messy bathroom counter. I'd love to know some of your everyday go-to products! Also, don't forget to stop by Efficient Mama for more favorite things!