What We've Been Up To And Other Randomness


Hello everyone! I know things have been a little quite here the past few days but that's just because we've been so busy! Thankfully things are sorta slowing down this week. We are getting back into our routine and starting to get things ready for our trip to Florida. I'd really like to leave the house nice and clean but we'll see if that actually happens.

So here's what we've been up too..

Friday was filled with me driving back and forth from the church and my house, taking care of the kids, and helping set up for the regalia. So I made sure we started the day right. Donuts and coffee!

Donuts and coffee

This won't be the last time I say this so just be prepared... but I have such an amazing team/committee. So many people just stepped up and did a fantastic job. I will readily admit that putting this event together has been filled with challenges, mostly because of my three littles and leaving the house with them in tow is a HUGE deal. However, everyone that contributed to this event was understanding of my situation and offered me encouragement and support.

So after leaving the church around 10:00 Friday evening, we were all up bright and early on Saturday morning to get the day rolling. I went back to the church, did a little more work, then went to get my haircut. Now a haircut might seem like no big deal but I hadn't had mine cut in a really really long time. I went to a brand new salon downtown and was super pleased with my cut. My stylist even did my hair flapper-esque for the regalia, free of charge!

1920's style

We then dropped the boys off with my sister Gabi and then headed off to the big event.

This was Andrew and I before the fun got started!

Roaring 20's style

The evening was spectacular and like always, it went by so fast. Words will never be able to adequately describe how thankful I am to everyone who helped make this night so amazing. We were all so exhausted by the end of the evening, especially my little helper Ms. Aria.


The next day was spent just relaxing and resting. I consumed copious amounts of coffee and let the kids watch entirely too much t.v. but I felt like I didn't have a choice.

Sunday mornings....

All the stress and intensity of the past few weeks just hit me. And it didn't help that Andrew was gone for half the day doing other youth ministry stuff at another parish. So no regrets Sunday morning. It was simply survival mode and that's fine by me.

So on Monday we were all feeling a little bit better. I filled out my planner and that helped me get a better handle on the coming week. I put together some essential oil blends to boost our immune systems. With all the craziness and stress that's been going on, I'm sure they're not that strong and I'd hate for us to get sick before our trip!

Immune system boosting doterra blends

Later in the morning, I randomly decided it was a good day to get Aria's ears pierced. I took my younger sisters along for the support and then treated them to a little something after.


Then that evening Andrew came home and we went for a walk. We stopped by the little park in our neighborhood. There were two Dads there with their kids but it was actually really sad. Why? Because both Dads were on their phones the whole time. Hardly interacting with their kids. It was heartbreaking. I'm so thankful that Andrew is such a good father. So naturally I took out my phone to document his good parenting. Yes, I am laughing at the irony don't worry.


After our walk, I headed out the door to margarita monday for another "Make It Happen" meet up. These ladies are so awesome and have really helped me discover so many things about myself. Wife, mother, teacher blogger... I'm all these things, but there is another layer under there and I'm so happy to have found it.

make it happen//meet up

So that's where the Starbuck family is at. Life never slows down and I'm totally ok with that! Have a great day!


P.S. Keep checking my Instagram page today! I'm going to be having another little giveaway!