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Lily And Mama Ring Slings


Lily and Mama Ring Slings

Right before Easter I discovered Lily and Mama ring slings. Being a strong believer in baby wearing, I was really excited to have found this adorable little shop. I began emailing Kaitlyn (the awesome mommy who makes these slings) and we quickly realized how much we had in common! As coffee loving Catholics living in AZ, we formed a fast friendship.

Just a few days ago my first Lily and Mama ring sling came in the mail. With a pretty package, business cards, and a pamphlet on safe baby-wearing, I couldn't wait to try it out. I quickly decided we needed a family walk. It was love the second I had Aria snuggled inside.

lily and mama ring slings

I know she looks terrified in this picture but thats just because we were near the playground and her brothers were making A LOT of noise.

I picked the single layer linen sling in "The Pacific" a gorgeous mix of a light purples and deep blues. I chose this color because it's soft and subtle. I also picked it's neutral and my husband is more likely to use it too! The linen fabric is fantastic and perfect for hotter climates (ahem AZ) It's breathable and light weight but secure enough to offer a strong seat for baby. It spreads along the shoulder really well, making the weight distribution ideal.

Mama and Lily Ring Slings

Dress//Old Navy, Shoes//Rainbows, Sling//c/o Lily and Mama

Lily and Mama Ring Slings

I've said it once and I'll say it again....Supporting small businesses is so important. Kaitlyn works so hard to make these gorgeous slings. I have learned so much about her and the heart and soul she puts into each sling by following her Instagram account. You can see the devotion she has to her craft as well as her desire to please God with this talent she has been given.

I know there are a TON of options out there when it comes to baby wearing and it can be overwhelming. Well I'm here to tell you that the search is over. If you're looking to give a ring sling a try or even just baby wearing a try, THIS is the place to start. now your only decision left is what color to choose!

Kaitlyn was sweet enough to make sure I got my sling before our vacation. I am so excited to document our adventures with my lovely new sling. So hop over and visit her beautiful new website and grab yourself one! Or two....