Weekend Notes


Well hello! I hope you all had a good weekend. Ours was a mix of both sweet and sour. Sweet because we had some great time together as a family, and sour because James has more teeth coming in. A teething toddler is no fun at all. Like none. Not even a little bit. Despite that, we were still able to have a pretty good weekend.

On Saturday Andrew left in the morning for a meeting. He's on the Diocesan Pastoral Council as the representative for youth ministry. The meeting usually takes several hours so we didn't have him back until after lunch but it wasn't a big deal. The kids and I took our time waking up and getting moving. It was a nice lazy morning for the most part. They watched Cars and I sipped my coffee and enjoyed skimming some magazines.

Saturday Mornings

Andrew came home and we started working on cleaning and laundry. Then it was time to get ready for a family outing to one of our favorite restaurants, Trattoria Pina.

His and hers

Before heading to the restaurant we stopped to get Andrew some new dress shoes. You guys. I made it in and out of DSW without getting shoes. A miracle I tell you. Miracle. Did it help to have Andrew there to reign me in? For sure but miraculous none the less. We brought in all the kids to get Andrew's shoes. The boys were in the double stroller and I had Aria in my Lily and Mama sling. It was seriously the only way to survive a shoe store with three kids. In fact, baby wearing is pretty much the only way to do anything with three kids.

Ring sling and high heels.

After our adventure at DSW, we met my family for a delicious Italian dinner. I snapped this sweet pic of my parents. They're pretty good at this grandparent thing.


Then Sunday morning started out pretty well. Unfortunately it went down hill pretty quickly.  We were able to have a nice lunch but then after that the storm hit. James was just a big whine fest, Aria wasn't letting me put her down, and both boys were on a nap strike. Then Andrew had to leave early in the afternoon to get things ready at the church for Confirmation that evening. So then I was left with three crazy littles for a couple hours. Somehow I managed to get them in the car and over to church. Of course, on the way to Mass they fell asleep. Trying to get three sleeping kids out of a car is rough you guys. We made it through Mass and the nice little reception after. When we finally got home the boys were wide awake since they had napped late in the day. Eventually they fell asleep. I had hoped they sleep in a little this morning but no such luck. It's like they can sense when I'm awake.

So today is more laundry (I was REALLY behind) and list making. Don't want to forget anything. We are getting so excited!! Every morning Peter asks if it's airplane day. Then he talks about the beach and the "big church" (the oratory at Ave) he can't wait to see.

Well, the washing machine is calling my name. Have a wonderful Monday!