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Five Favorites

Taking a break from the Florida posts to put together some of my favorite things. Baby Aria is teething and she is NOT a happy camper. So hopefully I'll have the last vacation post ready by tomorrow but until then... Here are some things I'm currently loving.

I've got quite a random line up going on. I tried finding a way to link all these favorites or find a theme but there just wasn't a graceful way to do it. Mom life maybe? Anywho... Here we go!

1) Bando Tumbler

bando Tumbler

Drinking water is so so so important. Especially out here in the desert. It's a "dry heart". Ugh. SO it's super easy to get dehydrated and it happens really fast. This tumbler helps me to remember to drink water. It moves with me through out the day. And when I sit down to nurse Aria I always have it right next to me. You can find this tumbler here or keep your eye on Brickyard Buffalo for a sale (that's where I got mine!).

2) Organic Repellent

Organic mosquito spray

My mom bought this for us before going to Florida and it was a HUGE life saver. Unfortunately I allowed my ankles to get feasted on before remembering I had this in the baby's bag. But I was able to get some on Peter and James before they were bitten. It has a strong lemony smell but it works really really well. The Honest Company also has an organic spray that it very effective too.

3) Oh Joy Band-Aids

Oh Joy Band-Aids

Since I pre-ordered the Oh Joy book, I was sent these free Band-Aids by Oh Joy. I haven't been this excited for band-aids since I was a kid. Oh I scratched myself! Guess I need a pretty band-aid....

Oh Joy band-aids

4) Bacon Popcorn

Bacon Popcorn

I may or may not have eaten an entire bag of this by myself.... I love white cheddar popcorn and I love bacon. Grabbing a bag of this at Trader Joe's was a no-brainer. The bacon flavor isn't over powering. It's simply delicious.

5) Emoji Card

Happy Mail

This little card came in my Happy Mail subscription. I immediately knew it was for my sister Gabi. She likes to say "Where words fail...emojis speak". Deep stuff. Anyway, she's also been a huge help to me the past several months and we've grown a lot closer. It's pretty awesome to see how my relationship with my sisters has become a strong friendship as well.

Ok well it sounds like Peter and James are starting a mutiny so I better go.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!