Five Favorites


I love three day weekends I really do. But then I have no idea what day it is for the rest of the week! To be fair, I hardly ever know what day it is, but even more so after those long weekends, I'm left a puddle of disorientation. See? That doesn't even make sense but it's the only way for me to describe it. After looking at my phone and planner 3 billion times I finally realized that today is in fact Wednesday. So here is a Five Favorites post! Most of these favorites were from a Target haul a few weeks back. You know the drill, go in for one thing and come out with twenty....

Summer Favorites

Mindy Kaling isn't one of my "official" favorite things but she is just my favorite. I've been watching old Office episodes and literally cry-laughing in all of her scenes. It's all I can do not to tweet everything she says. She had a great article in this month's In Style. You should really check it out!

1) Face Moisturizer

Face Lotion for summer

This Saturday we are finally supposed to hit 100 degrees. Ugh. May has been surprisingly cool but we all knew it would be short lived. Once summer rolls around I start using a moisturizer with spf. This lotion is light and non-greasy. I get healthy skin and some protection from the scorching AZ sun.

2) BB Cream

Summer skin favorites

I love my Bobbi Brown foundation but some days I like to use something a little more light weight. I've used several BB creams and this one is my favorite. This is actually the reason I went to Target. I squeezed the last out of my old tube and finally realized it was time to go buy some more. Love this stuff.

3) Baby Skin

Summer Skin Favorites

I've use a couple "skin smoothers" and "pore minimizers" and they've all worked pretty well. However, this stuff has become my favorite. You can use it by itself or under makeup. I love using it under my BB cream.

4) Essie Nail Polish

Summer Nail Color

I was looking for a flesh colored nail polish and Essie nailed (tehe) it. Actually I wasn't looking for that at all but I have been drawn to neutrals a lot more recently and decided to give this color try. It's great because then I can wear summer brights and I don't look (completely) like a walking neon sign. Winning.

5) Summer Scarf

Summer Scarf

Speaking of neon colors.... Found this scarf at good old Target and couldn't help myself. So pretty and incredibly soft. I'll be doing a post on different ways to wear a summer scarf soon so stay tuned!

Alright friends! That's all I've got for today. Make sure you check out some other favorites if you get the chance. Have a great day!