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Lipstick Of The Week//Lilly Pulitzer


Back in April the Lilly Pulitzer line for Target hit the shops and it was absolute chaos. People camped outside the store, things were sold out in minutes, and the website kept crashing. It was awful because so many people just scooped up whatever they could in order to resell it for a higher price. As Mindy Lahiri would say " That's rude." Anyway, thanks to a sweet friend who loves Lilly like I do, she told me about a Target in town that still had some goodies... Sure enough I was able to grab a few things including some Lilly lip colors by L'Oreal. I fell in love with my choices but I was super disappointed that I couldn't share them as one of my LOTW features. Because you know, they're gone and all.

But guess what?! I was wrong. While browsing the cosmetic aisle at Target I saw them! L'Oreal carries all the Lilly colors! They just don't have the beachy pattern on the lid.

Today you get a triple feature! Three colors all in one post and the best part is that you can still find all three at any store that sells L'Oreal. Over all this gloss is fairly light as well as long lasting. It smells really good and doesn't leave your lips feeling "sticky". It glides on smoothly and leaves a subtle shine. No sparkle. That's important.

First up...Rose Melody

Rose Melody

This color is soft and sweet. It's perfect for your day to day. It's the kind of color you put on before heading out the door to meet up with a friend for coffee or to the weekend farmers market.


Don't worry. I get perkier as the post goes on.... The coffee hadn't kicked in yet.

Next up...Fuchsia Orchestra!

Fuchsia Orchestra

This one is a bright pop of pink. This is a great color for a date night or fun evening out with friends.

Lipstick Of The Week

See? The coffee is kicking in.

Finally...Orange Tempo!

Orange tempo

For the summer I wanted an orange/coral lip color but was having a hard time finding one I liked. I just couldn't find one that had good coverage and wouldn't crack after a few minutes. This one however is perfect! It goes great with navy/nautical-ish attire. On the website it looks way more orange but it is definitely more of a reddish-orange.

Lipstick Of The Week

See? There it is. This color was perfect in Florida. I wore it to my brothers graduation and on the beach. Love love love it.

Lipstick of the Week

Lipstick of the Week

These colors are reasonably priced at around $9. So go out and get your summer color on!