Your Donut Shopping Guide


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Hello Friends! I know things have been a little quiet around here. This week I've been fighting off a virus that hits the worst at night. It's hard because during the day I think I'm fine and then my body is like JK you're not fine. Ugh. Its's been rough. I've also been occupied getting final grades in for the school year. Busy busy busy. Thankfully my appetite hasn't been affected. Threw all the kids in the car to drive through the Dunkin' Donuts near our house. You know, because it's National Donut Day! I think most made up holidays are dumb but this is one I can get behind.

I've rounded up some of my very favorite non-donut donut items for you in case you're obsessed like me.

1) Ok so first up. "Donuts are my love language" print by Be A Heart.

Be A Heart Calligraphy Be A Heart Calligraphy

If you use the code INDIGO at checkout you'll get free shipping! Woot!

2) A donut pillow because life is short. From the Live Sweet Shop

Live Sweet Shop-Donut Pillow

The cute tea cup pig is not included just fyi. BUT use the code "sweetbirthday30" for 30% off everything in the shop!

3) Every baby needs donut rattles. Obviously. These are from North American Bear Co.

North American Bear Co. - Donut Rattles

4) Who doesn't want to be wrapped up in a donut blanket? Sweet coziness by Candy Kirby Designs

Candy Kirby Designs - Donut Blanket

5) Donut floatie. Because the 1 hour rule doesn't apply when it's donuts. (That's not true) Floatie from ModCloth!

Donut floatie.

6) Donut apparel. Dresses, leggings and headbands. Too too cute. Find it at Little Bow and Arrow.

Little Bow and Arrow-Donut Leggings

The dresses and leggings are for little ones but they do make adult size headbands!

7) What better way to profess your love? Donut Jewelry from Bakery Charms

Donut jewelry-Bakery Charms

Just don't let your kids get too close. James tries to eat grandma's fake apples all the time. Can't imagine what he'd do to a fake donut. Use code "donutday" at checkout and save 20% on your order!

Ok time to go eat lunch. Aka another donut. Cheers!