CYMC 2015

Well hello hello people. We are back from our little trip to Phoenix and hurting. I think by 8:30 a.m. we already had at least 6 meltdowns (collectively). And even though I really really didn't want to leave the house today, we needed milk and diapers. I know super exciting. I swear in like a week or so I'm really going to buckle down and get Peter potty trained (uh huh yeah sure). So we comically left the house in whatever clothes weren't completely filthy and headed over to Walmart. Sometimes I forget that I hate Walmart. Low prices? Oh sure. But ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT. We got there and I realized that I didn't have a single wrap or ring sling with me which meant either I let the boys walk or I carry Aria, leaving myself only one free hand. Since Peter and James have a tendency to cause destruction wherever they go, I decided that they needed to be in the cart and Aria would just have to deal with a one arm hold for 30 minutes.

Once we were in Walmart it doesn't seem so bad. Then I spotted some pregnancy tests for 88 cents and I was like "Well this is awesome!" So I stocked up. NFP life my friend. Then Peter and James proceeded to play with said pregnancy tests and became very loud, drawing attention to the fact that I, a mother with three kids under three,was buying more pregnancy tests. I can't even being to tell you the fun looks I got from people, I was like "Hey what are you staring at Duck Dynasty?! Go back to your cart filled with frozen pizza and fishing bait!" Too mean? Sorry. Anyway we finally make it out of the store, I load the kids up in the car, and begin to back out. Now I don't know about you, but I can't go to Walmart without thinking about what happened to Tracy Morgan. So I'm backing out, thinking about his accident, and pondering the dangers of a Walmart parking lot, when I see another SUV start to back up behind me. I have no time for close calls my friends. I immediately start to lay on my horn because I was in NO MOOD to deal with a fender bender, especially in a Walmart parking lot. Thankfully the crisis was averted. As we drove off Peter said "Mommy car beep beep.". Yes, yes my son, the car went beep beep. *Sigh*. Honesty time: The worst part is that the only reason I dragged us to Walmart was in search of a certain lipstick to feature on a LOTW post. And they didn't even have it. I went through ALL THAT for a lipstick. So ridiculous.

We made it home in one piece. I changed diapers, filled up sippy cups with milk, and popped in Toy Story. The end.

Wait no it's not. This post was supposed to be about CYMC. Oh yeah. Ok so real quick....

This year's CYMC (Catholic Youth Ministry Conference) was great. It was our fourth year attending as a family. And somehow I've managed to add a child each time. Well not this time but you see what I'm saying. Andrew attended the conference in full and we joined him for Mass and the praise and worship sessions. We went swimming and enjoyed quiet mornings on the balcony of our hotel room. We met up with friends and I attended a Blessed is She meet up...Lot's of good stuff. I am really thankful for the wonderful communities we belong to and especially thankful for the friendships that we have formed through them. Here are some of my favorite images from the conference!


Aria and Maggie play by the pool. It's funny how they kept getting each other limbs mixed up. Like "Are these my toes? Wait no, this is my arm though. Wait no it's not. Who am I chewing on?!"

The Henry The Henry baristamommy.com

On Sunday morning I met up with Jenna of Blessed is She. She is such a neat person and we probably could have spent the whole day talking. We got brunch at The Henry in Scottsdale. It was...interesting. Loved the vibe and the decor was on point. However, it was little uppity for my taste. But the food was decent and the mimosas delicious so we survived.

Blessed is She- Phoenix meet up!

Then that evening we had a Blessed Is She meet-up in the hotel lobby. So many wonderful ladies. Jen Fulwiler was even there for a little. But I know you don't believe me because she's not in this picture. But she was there I SWEAR. And talking to her even just for a little bit was amazing.


Then on Monday there was room service coffee, Mass with Andrew, lunch, pool, dinner, and sleepy time.

Summer Time


Aunt Marisa was there interning with Life Teen so she helped out when she could.


Aria is my little sidekick. Also smallest bathroom in resort history. Like what the heck? Aren't resorts supposed to have big bathrooms?! Ok snobby rant over.

Glorify The Lord

Tuesday was cloudy so we didn't swim. Being stuck in a hotel room with all three kids for almost the whole day was kinda the worst. Making the best of the situation, I participated in one of the photo challenges that conference was having. The new Life Teen theme this year is Glorify. So they said to spell it out in a creative way. This was my entry. Then that evening we met up with some good friends for tacos. We went to America's Taco Shop. It was such a cute little place with an adorable patio that included kid sized picnic tables.



The conference came to a close Wednesday morning. We stayed the rest of the day in Phoenix exploring the Science Center. Peter and James LOVED it. I'll have a separate post for that because that place is so cool.

Anyway. There's a little glimpse into CYMC from the perspective of a youth ministers wife. All in all a pretty good trip. Though the aftermath is something else. Dat laundry doe. Ok time for an iced coffee....