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Lipstick Of The Week//YSL


Ok I know it isn't Friday but it has been a couple weeks since my last LOTW so I wanted to get one up! Especially this one! My lovely friend Danielle was kind enough to help me for this special feature. This week's lipstick is definitely a little splurge. It's a "lip shine" (again, what just happened to lipstick?!) from Yves St. Laurent. I know FANCY PANTS ALERT. When I was buying it I was like "I feel like I can't buy this...I don't even own a yacht!" However, even though this lip shine is a bit of a luxury it is so worth it. I seriously want all the colors. But until I can afford a yacht, I probably won't be owning all the colors any time soon.

This lip shine goes on so smooth. It reminds me of a smackers chap stick, you know from when you were a kid? It even smells like them! It's not sticky at all and it stays on really well. So when I found out my friend Danielle also had a lip shine but in a different color, I knew that we had to join up for a lipstick of the week post! Aria made a little cameo this time too.


Danielle is wearing Fuchsia in Rage. It looks super purple but I was so surprised when Danielle put it on! It comes out as this delightful pinky/purple. A fun yet classy color. Just like Danielle!


Now I'm wearing Fuchsia in Excess. The fact that Danielle and I picked two different shades a fuchsia pretty much sums up our friendship.


I really can't recommend this lipstick enough. It's definitely in my top five. I've really surprised myself by how often I reach for it. When I got married I had a "wedding perfume", if I could go back, this would be my  "wedding lipstick" for sure. So if you're looking to invest in a lip color this is the one!