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Little Flower Studios


Little Flower Studios

When I was little I wanted to be two things.

A waitress.

And the first female president.

Now, unfortunately I can only cross one of those things off my list as of now. And unless I make some drastic changes to my life, I don't think I'll be occupying the White House any time soon.

But I do love looking back and thinking about the things I wanted to be when I "grew up". Like so many of us, my career path changed a lot. In college I studied what I loved, not necessarily what was going to make me the most money. I am very grateful for that decision because it's allowed me to be open to so many new ideas and adventures....Including new dreams.

After college, a friend and I were enjoying some talk at a coffee shop. Suddenly we found ourselves discussing the possibility of starting an event business together. The idea was born from her love of baking and decorating and from my love of pretty things and organizing. We struggled on finding a name and figuring out how to get started. After about a month the idea was set on the back burner. Life pulled us in different directions and we decided to put the dream on hold for a little while. Fast forward to a few years later...

My dream for this little business never really went away. I would think about it often and entertain day dreams of what it would be like to be my own boss and do what I love every single day. Remember how my friend and I never thought of a name? Well one night I was dreaming and the name "Little Flower Studios" woke me from my sleep. I knew in my heart that if I ever started a business, that would be the name. Inspired by the little flower herself,  St. Therese of Lisieux (one of my patron saints). However, I was scared to take the plunge. What if I failed? What if no one liked my work? I held myself back and allowed doubt to dictate my choices. The idea was put on hold once again. Fast forward a little more...

In January of 2015 I read Lara Casey's book "Make It Happen". I then began to attend monthly meet ups inspired by this book, at a local coffee shop. I was introduced to an amazing group of women who were all there to support one another in pursuit of our goals. Suddenly Little Flower Studios seemed like maybe it could be a reality. I continued to see sign after sign that this was what I was supposed to be doing. It seemed that it was finally time to take the leap and make my dream a reality. I've always tried to live my life "in the moment". I think that I kinda got stuck there though. I thought that living in the moment meant being content where I was and not thinking too much about the future. And while I strongly believe that's a huge part of it, I've also realized that living in the moment means taking chances too. Living in the moment means that sometimes you have to take hold of the moment in front of you, take the leap, and trust.

Little Flower Studios

My original idea was an event planning business but that gradually changed over the years as well. I soon began to see that it was styling and decorating that I loved. Making sure that all the details are attended to and playing around with color palettes was something that excited me. I love seeing a styled photo come together like the pieces of a puzzle.

So with that said... I give you Little Flower Studios. A business inspired by the little way of St. Therese and her ability to find beauty in the smallest things. So head over to my brand new site and check it out! Tell your friends and follow the Little Flower Studios Instagram account for updates!

Little Flower Studios

Now before I go off and start my celebration of the American dream this 4th of July weekend, I need to thank some people... Thank you to all the wonderful ladies in my Make It Happen group. You are huge reason this dream is now "real life". Thank you to Theresa Delany (from that group) who helped me map out these last few months and is right there with me styling and taking pictures of our food. Thank you Patty (A Modern Grace) for being so encouraging and letting me bounce ideas off of you. A big thank you to Jenna Guizar for being so incredibly supportive and for coming to my rescue when I needed website help. And of course, the biggest thank you to my husband Andrew. Andrew designed my logo and has been cheering me on every step of the way.

Little Flower Studios

Finally, thank YOU for all your support. The fact that anyone takes time to read this little blog fills my heart with such gratitude. Cheers to the weekend friends!