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Lipstick Of The Week//Acid Pink & Love Affair



Ok I was really hoping to make this post peppy, positive and full of happy feelings but I just can't even today. For whatever reason this Friday morning has us in a funk! Cranky, whiney, and general unpleasantness from all parties. Hopefully today turns around at some point but for now it's just the worst. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. Everyone has off days. So maybe if I tell you about our grumpy morning then maybe you won't feel so bad about yours (if you're having one).

So on that lovely upbeat note....


Today I have another double feature for ya! Two different lip products but from the same company... First up is the tinted lip-balm by Cailyn. I was really excited to try this lip balm for a couple of reasons. The first one being that I'd never had much luck with "tinted lip balms", the color is usually never very impressive. Second, it comes in this cool little bottle and you brush it on, and supposedly when you use a brush to apply your lipstick it should last longer. Go figure. I have no idea why that is though.

Acid Pink-Cailyn

Lipstick of the Week - Barista Mommy

This lip balm is easy to apply and dare I say "fun" to apply as well. It's soft and light and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry or cracked. It's long lasting and touch ups are super easy. The color I'm wearing is Acid Pink. It's definitely bright but not too bright. It's a perfect "Friyay" pink.


Next up... Tinted lip gloss by Cailyn in the color "Love Affair".

Love Affair - Cailyn

So I'm not one for lip gloss and I think I've said that before. This gloss actually came in an Ipsy bag so that's how I ended up with it. I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on. It's very smooth and not sticky or goopy at all. In fact it's such a thin gloss that I had to really spread it around my lips for coverage. When I pressed my lips together to smooth it around, it just moves to the edges of my lips and looks more like a liner. So that's a little annoying. But once you've filled in your lips it looks quite nice. I like this color a lot too. It's subtle with a hint of mystery. If Anna Karina had a lip color this would be it. The gloss hangs in there pretty well but after eating or drinking it really needs a touch up.


Look at that sweet rat tail going on. Classic. And I just realized that I have the same face in two of these photos. STORY OF MY LIFE. Ugh. Oh well! You get a good look at the color and that's all that matters.

Both of these products run middle of the road as far as price. So if you're looking for something above the drugstore but below Sephora then this is probably in your price range.

There you have it friends! Have a wonderful weekend!