Happy Birthday Jamie Bear

I remember that we had just come back from teaching an evening confirmation class at our parish. Peter was swinging in his swing, Andrew was on the phone with a friend, and I was enjoying a glass of wine. Suddenly in an instant I felt totally and utterly sick. The wine tasted awful and I immediately poured it out. I was confused, it had tasted fine the day before. What changed? I didn't think wine could go bad that quickly... Then I realized that the sick feeling I had felt very...familiar. In fact, it was extremely similar to how I felt almost exactly the year before when I was....pregnant.

I ran to our little bathroom and pulled out an extra pregnancy test. I took it. I waited. But I didn't have to wait long. There it was... a positive. At a little over 4 months postpartum I was pregnant for the second time. I was scared and overwhelmed. Two babies in TWO years. How on earth would I do this how would I manage?! Peter's birth had been intense since I had developed pre-e and during labor it began to attack my kidneys. What if I got pre-e again? Was I really going to have to suffer through that once more?

Finding out I was pregnant again was difficult. Thankfully my husband is amazing and over the next month he was nothing but helpful and encouraging. Then about 7 months later I gave birth to our second son.

James David Starbuck.

I didn't have pre-e again, but his birth came with other complications (birth story here) that basically made me never want to have another baby again. Which....We all know was a feeling that didn't last long. And here we are. Two years later. My little James is a two year old now. This little boy brings so much joy and light into my life.


When he is thinking or concentrating he likes to put his little index finger to his mouth.

He's my sleepy boy. He falls asleep in the car all the time and is usually the last one awake in the mornings.


His current favorite activity is to copy whatever Peter does, including playing "Pong Ping" as they like to call it.

James is my cuddle bug. He'll just come and sit next to me on the couch and nuzzle up real close.


His feet are currently bigger than Peter's.

He still uses gibberish to communicate but its all an act. If you ask him to say a word he'll say it crystal clear.


He has the sweetest smile and the cutest little laugh.

And look at that toddler belly. All the heart eyes.


There's a good chance he has a Heisman in his future.


He's a thinker. A very thoughtful little boy.

He loves Veggie Tales and trains.

James is so sweet.


While Peter uses the crayons as action figures, James will actually sit and draw with great concentration. Taking after his Dad.

James loves his milk and "'nacks". He's been known to have a full on meltdown over a single pretzel. Food is serious business for James.

His favorite prayer is still grace before meals. He is very good at the "AMEN!" at the end.


He is so incredibly loved.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I am so thankful for you and I can't imagine living my life without your light.