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The Schedule Of A Stay At Home Mompreneur

I've gotten a few mail bag questions wondering what our days consist of. What does our schedule look like? How do I get work done with little three kids?

These are really good questions and I never really gave our schedule much thought because almost every waking moment of my life feels like absolute chaos. But after I thought about it for a little bit I realized that we do have a certain way of spending our days.

So... Here is a breakdown of our schedule on ordinary days.

6:00-7:00: I wake up, run (sometimes), shower, make coffee, journal and pray.

7:00-7:30: Andrew and the kids wake up. Andrew changes diapers and then gets ready for work.

7:30-8:00: I make Andrew's lunch and feed the kids bfast. I also drink more coffee.

8:00-8:15: The kids and I say goodbye to Andrew and I clean up the breakfast mess.

8:15-9:30: I love having the Today show on in the morning so that will be on the tv until about 9:30. The kids play and make a mess, I sit on the couch with Aria and enjoy another cup of coffee (yup that's 3). I'll peruse social media and emails on my phone but try not to get too wrapped up in anything.

9:30-11:30: I turn the Today show off and the kids get a snack and milk. I put on some music and play with the boys. Aria usually goes down for a short nap at this time. When we do our homeschool lessons, this is the time it usually happens. Then I'll look at my to-do list and start tackling small stuff like phones calls, answering emails, and making sure I know everything I need to do for Little Flower Studios during nap time. This is also when I schedule student phone calls for MODG.

Schedule of a stay at home mompreneur

11:30-12:00: Lunch time! I used to just put out an assortment of foods on the table and let them graze because I was tired of battling every single meal. It's just a much more pleasant experience that way. Now that they have a new picnic table (thanks Ampa and Ammo!) I put the food there and they eat and play for about 30-40 minutes.

12:00-1:00: Milk, books, and nap time!

1:00-3:30: The kids are finally down for a nap and will "usually" stay down for around two-three hours. This is my golden time. I sit down at the kitchen table and crank out as much work as I can. Maybe it's a blog post (like this one!), or LFS stuff, or grading for MODG. And I will also make myself an iced coffee (that's 4).

3:30-4:30: Kids are up and I let them have some tv time for about an hour. This works pretty well because then I can wrap up whatever it was I was working on when they woke up.

4:30-5:30: The boys play and I strap Aria to my back. It's around this time of the day that she doesn't let me put her down at all. So I clean up and get dinner ready with a little Yoda on my back.

6:00-6:30: The dinner time battle begins. I don't know what it is... It rarely matters what I've made, the boys just fight it. James used to eat whatever but now he takes cues from his older brother who happens to be a little more picky. Also, at this point in the day I make the switch from coffee to wine. I feel like that's important to note.

6:30-7:30: Clean up and baby fight club. While I clean the kitchen, the boys take all the pillows and cushions off the couch, throw them on the floor, and wrestle. They'll do this for a good hour or so. It's amazing.

7:30-8:00: Depending on how I'm holding up and how the day has gone... This is the boys screen time. They'll play on my phone or iPad for 30 minutes or so. Sometimes it's just so I can finish cleaning but most of the time it's because I need to stop baby fight club before someone gets hurt.

8:00-9:00: The bedtime routine begins. The boys get milk, then pjs on, and teeth brushed.

9:00-9:15: On a good night, the boys are well asleep by 9:15. I know this is a pretty late bedtime for toddlers but I'd rather have them nap for 2-3 hours everyday. I NEED those hours of silence. God blessed me with babies that are good at naps. If Andrew is home he will handle the boys bedtime while I put Aria to sleep. On days he's working late I'll just nurse Aria in the boys room until all three are passed out.

9:30: In a perfect world I'd be able to stay up for another couple hours doing more work but the reality is, at the end of the day I am so beat I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm just not a night person. So most of the time I'll fall asleep with Aria and Andrew will wake me up and I go back to the kitchen table to put in a little more work. Sometimes.

Schedule of a Stay at Home Mompreneur

On days we run errands I do those all in the morning. As early as possible because A) It gets so hot here so fast, and B) I don't like to mess with nap time, oh and C) All my motivation to leave the house is usually gone by 1:00. Now this day may seem packaged together in brown paper with a pretty ribbon but its actually packaged in a Trader Joe's bag with scotch tape. There is fighting, yelling, crying, laughing and singing all mixed in. There are meltdowns, timeouts, dance parties and car races. And there are dishes in the sink, toys all over the floor, but similes on little faces and little toddler bellies filled with food.

All in all pretty typical. I didn't sit down and create this schedule. It just kinda happened naturally and I've found that it works really well.