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Citrus Peach Sangria


For a lot of people summer is coming to a close and school will be starting again soon (if you're in AZ it may have already began). I've even seen some fall items in stores. No. Just no... Pumpkin spice is literally the worst thing in the world when it's 110 out. Here in Arizona "summer" is at least 2 more months longer.

So if you're still living it up in the heat (or even if you're not), here's a lovely little recipe for happy hour. Which in this case, is 2:00 in the afternoon because that's when Tucson is at it's absolute hottest. Yuck.

Citrus Peach Sangria

Citrus Peach Sangria:

~ a bottle of dry white wine

~one peach

~ three-four cans of hansen's lime/mandarin soda (depends on how strong you want it!)

~two tbsp of sugar

1) Mix all of the above ingredients in a pitcher.

2) Slice the peach and add it to the mix.

3) Place in fridge for 2-3 hours so the flavors can set. This time in the fridge is actually really important for good sangria.

4) DO NOT ADD ICE. Wait until you are ready to serve it.

Citrus Peach Sangria

And kaboom. Done. Now yesterday I made this recipe again because we had some friends over for dinner. However, I found myself with only half a bottle of wine. Now that just wasn't going to do... So if you want "Citrus Peach Sangria with a Twist", just add a double shot of coconut rum. Because that is also super yummy and delicious and "mommy happy hour" approved. It's really hard to go wrong with this recipe. You can add/change basically anything. I think that's why I liked making it! I was able to experiment and stuff. Guess I missed my calling as a mad scientist. C'est la vie.

I hope you get to make this deliciousness at least once before the magical/sweltering days of summer are over!