Five Favorites: Notebooks

The best Places For Notebooks

If you've been following this blog for at least a little while you may have noticed that I have a paper products problem. If you think that my lipstick obsession is bad.... You should see my desk. ALL THE NOTEBOOKS. My love for journals, notebooks, and notepads began when I was 6. One Christmas my parents gifted me a small trunk full of blank journals. I filled them up and never looked back.

So here I am...many many many notebooks later. I thought I'd share some of the love and list out my Five Favorite places for notebooks, notepads, and journals.

1)May Designs

I discovered May Designs on Instagram (of course). I love all the various patterns but I love that you can personally customize each one! Pick what you want on the front and choose what to put on the inside as well. What a financial planner? A wedding planner? Food tracker? Blank pages or lined pages? They can do that!


My next favorite is Ban.do. Their notebooks are like adult versions of Lisa Frank. Bright colors, fun sayings, and lots of different kinds.

3)Rifle Paper Co.

I also really love all the paper goods from Rifle Paper Co. The designs are so vintage and delicate. Every pattern is so unique.


Anthropologie also has some great journals. A few years ago I found the beautiful leather journal. It's green with gold foil and I think it might be my all time favorite.


Finally, there is Typo. They have a store here in Tucson and it's a good thing it's all the way across town. They carry really fun academic notebooks. Plus they're always running deals so you can get a few notebooks all at once for less!

Where To Find The Best Notebooks

While I wouldn't wish my paper addiction on my worst enemy... I do hope you decide to snatch up a new notebook or two just for fun.