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Life Planning Meeting


One of the most challenging things about have three young children is finding time to spend with just Andrew and I. We do are best to get in as many "date nights" as we can but life moves fast and things come up and we don't go out as often as we'd like. Our mornings and evenings are filled with hurried conversations about finances, the kids, schedules and other adult-ing things. We never rarely sit down and discuss these important things at length. In fact the last time we did was at out Engaged Encounter which was a LONG time ago. I knew that it was time to revisit a lot of these important subjects that we barely touch on in a day to day basis. Especially since several of our friends have made some big life changes and it left us wondering if we also needed to make some changes.

Like I mentioned a few posts back, this whole "Life Planning" meeting was an idea from Nap Time Diaries. She posted about it on Instagram with a brief outline of what she and her husband discuss at these dates/meetings. I took what she posted and tweaked it to fit our family. Then about a month ago, Andrew and I sat down to get some planning done.

Hopes and Dreams

I had a full two pages written out of things to discuss and we barely made it halfway through the first! But that's ok because now we just get to schedule some more time together. Ok, here is our "Life Planning" itinerary.


-budget refresh



-starbuck design


-little flower studios

~andrew's plate and schedule

-what's working

-what's not working

~andrew's heart



~susana's plate and schedule

-what's working

-what's not working

~susana's heart



~our marriage





~the kids: making them saints




-parenting improvements


-limiting technology

~extended family: how can we love better?


-house starbuck

~our house

-up keep

-things to fix

-timeline for buying

-what we want in out dream house

This outline is purely for guidance. Andrew and I found ourselves addressing other important things as they cam up naturally. We still have to finish a few more sections but hopefully we'll complete it all soon. The fall is so busy for Andrew with work and ministry that if we don't finish it now, it will be Christmas when we finally sit down again. I hope this helps you like it has helped us!